river island tartan scarf (similar)
river island fluffy jacket 
forever 21 & topshop rings
michael kors mk5128
topshop & love hearts and crosses* bracelets
OPI bubble bath nails

Sorry to bore any static image followers by two videos in one day but I was super inspired this morning to try my hand at an outfit video. Big thanks to my brother for helping me make this outfit video today! He has a lot of patience to have to deal with me barking orders at him! DO THIS, NO FOCUS ON THIS! JARED STOP IT PAY ATTENTION! The for this photo isn't the best either, and I actually forgot in my excitement to  do the video to actually take photos. Oh well! Hope you enjoy! You can subscribe to my Youtube Channel here!

The outfit is basically just structured around my faithful Tartan Scarf from River Island which Im sure you've seen in over a billon outfit posts if you are a long time follower! Layered with my super fluffy and SO warm River Island Jacket (I've looked online and it seems to be sold out!). It's so chunky and perfect for keeping warm in the snow. I wore my trusty American Apparel leggings which I realised I hadn't worn in a while… before discovering that I left them at my Mum's and queue her sending me a photo of my step dad… err… modelling them Sandy from Grease stylee! Weird! I'm also wearing a wrap dress from Love but you cant really see it as there was no way I was taking my jacket off in the cold! I asked for the black version after the grey one went down so well, it's a really classic wardrobe staple and I cant recommend them enough!

I'm off to my Dad's house for dinner and to play with my littlest (and possibly favouritestestest) brothers for a bit! I'm really enjoying being at home for the moment, I haven't even thought about going back to London! I am slowly but surely getting a bit better, but I literally sleep all the time. Around 10+ hours at the moment yet I still wake up absolutely shattered. Thank you to everyone who's been so sweet and kind to me while I try and work out whats wrong with me, It means the world!