monki textured oversized dress
river island fluffy coat
topshop fur collar coat
OPI bubble bath
forever 21 ring
primark socks

This was my outfit that I wore on Sunday during my snow day trip to the Wellcome Collection. I've recently been layering coats as I've just been way too cold to wear one. Twice the bulkiness but twice the warmth, I'm not complaining.  I love this Topshop jumper, which I sadly bought years and years ago now so I doubt you could still get your mitts on it. It's really odd because it used to smell absolutely horrendous, like a really metallicy weird smell but it seems to have subsided over the years and now smells normal. What a boring story about a jumper! I wore my beloved super cosy tights when I went out in this outfit but when I snapped them I wore my usual 15 denier Primark ones.

Anyway, I obviously took these before I cant back to my parents as it has my bedroom as the background. I have some scheduled posts for the week until I return back to London in a week or so. I have bought my tripod with me though so I might film some videos or something to pass the time. The snow is pretty bad up here which is nice as it means I don't feel guilty staying in my house all doing absolutely nothing. I'm currently catching up on all my TV shows that I've missed in recent week's and a box set binge is definitely on the cards.