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I've always wanted the American Apparel 3D Flower Mesh Jumper but I really could not justify the price. I think thats an absolutely ridiculous ammount of money for what it is! However after some snooping around, I bought this top from Ebay. It took about a week or so to come, I didn't have to pay customs either which is always my main concern when buying from the other side of the world. This only comes in one size, Im a size 10-12 and it fits pretty well. If you're bigger than that or busty I really wouldn't recommend it as the a sizing is a touch on the small side (like a lot of items from these types of ebay stores). I presume it's going to wash terribly so I'm going to try hand washing it. Overall I'm super happy with it and its the same kind of look for a fraction of the price of the original.