Last week I filmed a haul video on a ton of things that I picked up that week. I went a bit crazy as I haven't really bought anything new in months due to having minimal disposable income. When I shop I'm the kind of person who buys and then thinks later, I find it much easier to buy lots of stuff and then take it home and try on and think about things rationally before deciding if Im going to keep things or not! Sometimes I keep things right up until the last few days of 28 days returns before taking it back, Generally though I have a two week rule, if I buy something and don't wear it within two weeks Im not likely to wear it in the future it and it has to go back! Anyway like I said, I tend to buy so much and then keep one or two items out of the "haul"! Yeah, so I hope you enjoy me in video form, and I'm sure you will see some of the items (if not all, I really want to keep everything! Darn-it!) in outfit posts over the next few weeks!

Watch on Youtube for links and everything you might possible want to know about the video will be in the bottom bar! If you have any comments feel free to leave them on here or on the video itself! I'd love to know what you would keep! Remember to subscribe if you liked it (: Thanks!