dress: topshop
cardigan: new look (size 14 for oversized look)
boots: clothing at tesco*
socks: topshop
bracelets: river island*, turkish market stall, black tied*
nails: revlon pastel pink* and OPI nothin' mouse about it

This is what I wore on Saturday shopping but I wore it again today as I liked it so much. Im not sure what originally drew me to this denim dress from Topshop. I saw someone in the shop wearing one and then I saw it going up the escalator at Oxford Circus Topshop and though I'd take it home to try it on. I actually really love it! It's a nice transitional piece from this false summer to autumn and then into winter. I decided to embrace the last of my natural tan and go bare legged as it wasn't too cold. Also wore some of my new Topshop ankle socks, they were too cute not to buy!

Sorry for the lack of updates this weekend. I had no time to update Saturday as me and my housemate went for Tapas at Pix (thanks Rose for the recommendation) followed by shopping and Champagne. Living the dream! I picked up a princess dress from Topshop and the Topshop Alvin Boots (I decided against the Office Nighthawks in the end!) And I didn't post yesterday as my macbook charger decided to die so I couldn't even charge my phone let alone fire up my laptop! In all honestly I was in no fit state to blog either, Jessie J was incredible and I genuinely really enjoyed her performance. I've never been anywhere with such a generous free bar before, normally they are capped so we decided to get out fill before it capped! Boy were we wrong! Way too much JD's for me! I think a detox is in order as I feel like I just waste my weekends in a hungover hellhole! So instead of our big plans of crazy golf, zorbing and going to a roller disco, we chilled and went to Yo! Sushi and then watched Superbad. CHIKA CHIKA YEAH FAKE ID FAKE ID.

As for today I've just caught up on household chores, went to the Apple Store to pick my new charger up and taken my washing to the Laundrette. Managed to resist the urge of popping into some shops while in the Oxford Street area as I've bought so much stuff in the last week. I've filmed a haul video, well a "not a haul" video because the likelihood of me keeping most of it is very slim! Should be up in a few days, whenever my internet and laptop decide they like each other again!