top: primark
disco pants: river island
jacket: river island (old)
necklace: river island*
shoes: clothing at tesco*
bracelets: black tied*

Gah, Sorry if your sick of these types of post's, I know not everyone is jumping on the Disco Pant Bandwagon! I'm just a bit obsessed with trying to find dupes for disco pants even though I have the real ones! I have to admit these are the closet to real disco pants I've come across so far in terms of tightness and fit. They are super tight and very black (unlike the Glamourous ones) like the American Apparel ones. One thing I like more than the Original Disco's is the fact the River Island ones aren't as shiny, they are pretty matte but still a little shiny at the same time. So they look a lot more appropriate for day wear as I think the shininess of the real disco pants a little too much for the day. They are also much shorter than the Disco Pants (but come in a longer length too!) which Im sure us shorties will be happy with! They have the fly detail and a slightly high waist, I don't think it's incredibly flattering in the crotch area, but I tend to not have this on show anyway! Overall I'm very happy with them even though I don't think the quality is as good as the originals. I've worn these today and they've already started to split at the leg, so I will be exchanging for another pair! Im a size 10 in these and a small in American Apparel disco pants. For my thoughts on other pairs of Disco Pants Dupes see here and here.

Anywayyy onto the actual outfit. I picked this top up from Primark when I was returning a few items a few weeks ago. I didn't really think too much of it originally but pulled it out to try on today and I was super happy with it. Looks much more expensive than Primark and sooo flattering and so cute! I wasn't so taken with the whole baroque print when it came out but this monochrome print is right up my street! I wore my super comfy River Island coatigan which is the warmest most snug jacket I own and my trusty clothing at tesco flats. They are starting to get a bit on the scruffy side so I might have to retire them for a new pair!