the daily want #10

Quite tempted by this Glamourous Tie Dye Midi Dress, I'm really liking the midi length at the moment after trying out the Topshop Grey Midi that I've been wearing recently. In all honesty I could DIY this (see my dip dye clothing tutorial here), but Im lazy! Plus there is 20% off all Glamorous stock with the code GLAMOROUS20. My kind of discount!


  1. So cute!! xx

  2. As if that's only £18! Absolute bargain and 20% off? I might have to make a sneaky purchase! xx

  3. I'm totally tie-dye hooked right now!
    I also have an attempt myself, so much fun however, furthered my addiction.
    Miss Selfridge did a similar gorge one in orange but it seemed to be sold out everywhere when I was on my hunt.

    Check out my attempts at tie dying @

    Muchos Smiles,
    bb, xoxo

  4. What a lovely dress! Bet it's really flattering, and nice and cool for summer! Got your tie dye tutorial bookmarked for some summer DIYing!

  5. I bought my first maxi dress today and love it! Never tried a midi dress though, love the tie dye though xx

  6. I really like this, I'm not sure about middy length, its got to be cut right. It sucks I can't buy anything right now partner just got work hours radically reduced!

  7. i love your daily want post, i always discover new things to put on my list! tye dye and midi all in one! im in love!
    if you get a chance could you ceck out my blog im new and would appreciate comments. thanks x

  8. Such a cute midi dress.
    Love it.
    Hannah xo

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