dress: topshop
jacket: primark (old)
necklace: primark
rings: jwlry
bracelets: turkish market, black tied*, river island & kukee
nails: nail rock cupcake nails @ asos*
fur: new look
shoes: converse*
bag: ebay

I bought this charcoal grey midi dress from Topshop before I went away on holiday but only just took it out the bag today. I love the fit, the feel of the material and the shape. The soft jersey material is soft but thick and feels really flattering without being bulky. I don't really do body con, but this really skims the figure without being too tight or emphasising my problem areas (my tummy!) It's so comfy and easy to wear I'm so happy I actually decided to buy it as I don't normally do midi's! I've really gone off short skirts and dresses in favour of leggings and trousers in the last couple of weeks so this is a nice mix between covered up but still in my comfort zone of wearing a skirt or dress. My only gripe would be that on me, It's just not quite as midi as I'd like it to be! Despite that this is the perfect autumn winter dress! The sizing is a bit large so I bought a 8 in mine, if you're looking to buy one (: I paired my look with my converse all star's which I haven't worn for a while but I dug them out especially to go with this outfit and my beloved black fur stole which has crept back into my wardrobe!

Today I got my brows threaded and returned so many bags of clothing that has been lurking in my bedroom. Im terrible at returning things and always leave it till the last week before the receipt expires! As I expected I am pretty ill today. I'm dosed on pain killers and flu tablets at the moment so it's not as bad as it could be! I saw this bottle of "Man Flu" medicine in Sainsburys that I was tempted to buy for the lolz! Oh well, I have a box full of tissues, lots of vitamin c and some Olbas oil on hand just incase it gets worse!