cardigan: topshop
top: vintage (similar here)

001. Such a lovely weekend at my house. I've been chilling, eating and catching up on Wimbledon. I've been reading up on my favourite blogs and filmed a video for my youtube channel. I think I'm coming down with a cold as I've got such bad sinus pressure today and just generally feel a bit under the weather. Im off on Holiday again a week today so I hope I don't get too ill! Maybe it's the massive change of the warm weather to the cold wintery weather here in the UK!

002. My holiday was really lovely but Im glad to be back home. I stayed at the Sealight Resort Hotel, Alot of people kept asking about the hotel I was at when I was there but I didn't really want to disclose it. Not that I think I have crazy fans who will come find me but I read somewhere that one Youtube Guru had some girls search 50 odd hotels to find the one she was staying at. I've been worrying more and more about my online safety too so I have to resist the urge to tweet everywhere I go! The Hotel overall was lovely, nice food, good drinks, beautiful beach and a lovely atmosphere. The staff were SO grumpy and rude and my Brother complained about it constantly (so annoying). Although the hotel itself is wonderful its just a shame how much the staff can put you off!

003. I really do have nothing to talk about at the moment, Another week and I'm off again so more boring chat for a while! Hopefully normal blogging will resume in the next week and I'll get some of my regular content back in line! Looking forward to getting back to my daily routine more than anything! Even though Im still kinda in post-holiday laziness so I'm just not quite sure what to do with myself at the moment!