001. Home tomorrow! Just finished packing my case and now Im off for final drinks and dinner. Which apparently on a Sunday here is a traditional Sunday Roast! I don't even remember the last time I had a roast dinner! Then it's Karaoke, I'm going to have to hold my mother back about performing in that one! My next Galaxy Essential Upgrade post should be up tomorrow which is a really cool one and I enjoyed picking the things to feature in it!

002. If you haven't seen this week's video yet go ahead and watch it here. I don't know if I should post them on here as a separate post incase people miss them. To be frank, There is one thing being a blogger and another being a vlogger! I think video blogging is a bit more personable and I think it's easier to show "who you really are" compared to typed words! But you're also opening yourself up to wider criticism too! My next video is my everyday hair routine which I hope people are interested in as I'm forever getting comments off you guys about my hair! I do please leave them in the comments as I'd really like to know what people like to see! Bare in mind I think I'll more than likely be doing beauty/lifestyle stuff than fashion! Also, I wish blogger comments are as easy to reply to as Youtube ones! If you have any suggestions for tags or videos leave them on the video!

003. I don't really like to brag too much about blogging achievements, although I always do a secret happy dance when I hit a follower goal! But I'm finally in the top 100 blogs worldwide on Bloglovin, actually Im number 95! Number 7 in the UK, currently battling with WWW and Susie Bubble!  I check this everyday and I don't know why it means so much to me! But it really does, something about it being worldwide that makes it seem like totally crazy! I follow all my favourite blogs on Bloglovin nowadays as it's so easy and you can categorise them!

004. Again something I don't normally mention but surprisingly by beauty/other/etc blog has been nominated for a Cosmopolitan blog award! Im surprised to see it up there as one of the "best new beauty blog's though, Personally I think this "new" and "established" thing really needs a bit of clarification or tweaking. ETCLLYMLRS is under a year old, although technically speaking it is NOW over a year old. But I'd class it as "established" rather than "new" because I've been blogging for over three years myself and the blog itself quickly gained followers off the back of this one! Oh I don't know how I feel about blog awards in truth! I have to admit I was shocked not to see this blog up there as Established Fashion blog though. I sort of expected I would, which was presumptive of me on one hand but it has made me realise I probably need to change some things about this blog! I don't like the idea of falling behind! I have blogging insecurities as much as the next blogger, but maybe this was the kick up the bum I needed...