milley (my sister) too this photo of me, was the best of the bunch unfortunately haha

001. To be honest I nearly forgot it was even Sunday here in Turkey! Like I always say Im a stickler for routine so not doing my "normal" things means I have no idea what day it is! I can't believe I've been here in Turkey for almost 5 days already it's completely flown past! Although as you can imagine being 22, used to living alone and then going on holiday with your family is a bit of hard work! The weather is incredible here, yesterday it was a whopping 37C but it's a somewhat "cooler" 30C today!

002. Today I spent some time off my sun bed to edit some outfit photos to post next week! In the same style as the holiday outfits I did last year (which you can see  herehere and here) I've been doing a few snaps of an outfit before I leave my room so I should have some actual fashion related content for next week! I personally find it so hard to dress for summer and hot weather as Im a total winter person!

003. Tonight my Holiday makeup consists of MAC Select Moisture Cover, MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural, Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Aruba,  17 Glow Pink Bronze Shimmer Brick for eyes, Look Beauty Blush in Flirt, Bobbi Brown Gel eyeliner and Nars Bolero Lipstick. Suprisngly this holiday I've been embracing the no makeup during the day look. I never not wear makeup at home as I'm pretty much sure no one would recognise me if I didn't. Mainly thanks to my improved skincare and the fact I got eyelash extensions again I feel confident to go without it! Last year I wore the Laura Mercier Tinted moisturiser and the Bare Minerals SPF35 Mineral sunscreen, but I've just been reaching for a regular facial SPF. But I cant resist wearing it at night, Baby steps! My hair is so dry from the heat and the bleach all I can think about is going home and using copious amounts of hair oil and a hair mask or ten!

004. Any giveaways I've been running will be sorted once I get back. This included the Jolie Box one and the Benefit Mini's. I just didn't have time to chase things up with the winners or the companies before I left. My Mulberry purse giveaway also finishes while I'm away (29th June, so five days time) so it is likely that won't be announced until I get back to the UK on the 5th, possibly later depending on when I go back to London!

...And Im sure you're all fed up of me talking about my Holiday and how fab it is, But I hope everyone is having fun in the UK! Jealous of everyone who's at Isle of Wight (maybe not the muddiness) or even the Radio One Big Weekend! If you're not in the UK (I seem to forget a large portion of my readers aren't from the UK and I really apologise for that!) I hope you're having a wonderful weekend too! Big love to you all (: