shorts: topshop, top: primark, shoes: new look
dress: topshop, cycling shorts: H&M, necklaces: forever 21, cape: clothing at tesco, shoes: new look

dress: primark, shoes: new look
top: clothing at tesco, skirt: zara, belt: primark, necklaces: forever 21, shoes: new look

More snaps & possibly three of my favourite outfits I've worn this holiday though. I've worn the leopard cape before as well as the polka dot top, both from Clothing at Tesco. The one shouldered grey grecian style dress was a last min buy from Primark and although its a 8, its absolutely massive on me. Its also got really cagged on something so one side of the material is all bobbly. I think this could be because of my beach bag though which is a straw holdall. Bit peeved, so might try returning it on the sly! I know alot of people are rejoicing at the sight of me wearing shoes, (my favourite in-joke on this blog!) but this is classic example of my footwear choices, I just wear the same shoes over and over & day after day.

Tonight we are off to a beach party that my hotel are having. It sounds pretty cool, me and the fam went over and had a good look at their set up. Loads of cushions on the floors and low down tables. Looks super cosy! Although I've had a great time on this holiday, and relaxed and chilled much more than I have in months. I cant wait to go home. I'm such a workaholic and its really my biggest problem (or best quality?) I love doing stuff related to my career and life and just generally working hard to achieve things. I actually spent a few hours one morning applying internships! Once Im back I've got to start looking for an apartment in London, fingers crossed I can get moved out by the end of next month!