poolside: top: topshop, sandals: primark, shorts: topshop
trip to town: dress: new look, sandals: primark

poolside: dress: river island, shoes: river island, hat: river island
lunch: dress: new look, shoes: primark 

More holiday outfits from me. I  adore that Mick/Marianne t-shirt that I'm wearing in the first photo, its one of my favorites, I've had it for years now and always go back to it. I wore it last year in this outfit post from the same hotel I'm at now. I adore the denim dress from New look which I bought when I was with Victoria in Manchester, its a little crinkled because I stupidly put it on over my wet bikini, face palm!

Went to a market today and was harassed by every person in the place. So pushy and bloody annoying. I always think that if they backed off and let me look at things I'd be much more willing to buy something! I had my eye on this fantastic tigers eye ring, but got so pissed off with being told "CHEAPER THAN ADSA, BEST PRICE! BEST PRICE!" Just gave up and walked away.

Thought I'd quickly post on here and let everyone know all at once because I've had so many emails about it, I am on holiday (have I not mentioned I'm on hols?! No?) so the shop isnt exactly fully stocked, once I'm back theres going to be a full restock as well as a ton of new items. I just didnt want to overwhelm myself by putting it all up before I went away. I am sorry if the things you want arent available, but they will be, please be patient! Some items are available & have 20% off using the code "awayfromkeyboard"