Monday, July 05, 2010

coke from a glass bottle

top: topshop
rosary: ebay
skirt: primark
rings: H&M & Asos
bikini top: primark
nails: barry m mint green
pepsi: courtesy of the hotel mini bar

Another obscenely hot day in Turkey today! Apparently its going to be 39C today, which is just ridiculous when you think on average its about 15C (Even thats pushing it!) in the UK at any given time of the year! I'm having horrendous frizzy hair problems, I mean my hairs a state as it is. All the sand/salt/chlorine has made it just look like someones rubbed a ballon against my head. Despite what people say my hair is awful, I have natural dreads at the back from years of backcomb abuse, lack of conditioner and not taking care of it. And although I claim I'll sort it out about 4 times a week, Its just a mess! My hairdresser (as if i actually have a designated hairdresser, but a woman i had a consultation with, doesn't have the same ring to it) said that she wouldn't dream of trying to highlight my hair without me brushing/snipping out all the dreads! I did get them all out a few months ago, but they seem to have reformed ):

Yup, I've worn the t-shirt in this post, this skirt in this post, the ring has been worn to death and that red knotted rosary has been round my neck more times than I can count on my hands. I don't like to repeat items too much, But hey, Looks cool right? I cant say how much I love this T-shirt, I know it was hideously over-worn when it came out, But its defiantly one of my wardrobe favorites!

On another note: Why don't we get Pepsi and Coke in glass bottles back home without it being crazy priced! I remember when I was at college once news got wind that a skate shop in town was selling ~ Coke in a glass bottle ~ and we sent someone into town to get us all ones, I think it was like £2 each or something. Coke always tastes better out of the bottle, I don't know why, Im just sayin'



  1. frickin loved that shirt when it came out. still loving it.


  2. so loving the pop of color from your bikini top!

  3. This may sound strange but I am insanely in love with your hair. And your bikini top is amazing!

  4. I like how you paired the polka skirt with a vintage top. Your bikini's sooo sexy :)

    Melai of Style and Soul

  5. Here in Germnay it's hot to 39°C.
    I very like the top-

  6. Your hair looks amazing, is it naturally lighter at the ends or is it dye thats grown out/the light in the picture? It looks fab, all beach-like if you know what i mean!

    Fab post

    Stacey xx

  7. this makes me sad that i sold that exact top on ebay :(!


  8. Lily - this outfit is so freakin' funky! the glass pepsi bottle is the icing on the cake. haha.

    i love your dedication to blogging even whilst away on your jollies.

    sofia x

  9. As gorgeous as ever Lily! I hope you're having a great holiday xx

  10. I love the bikini top and shirt so much, really cool pieces! Hope you're still having a good time in Turkey! 39 C sounds terrible to me ;)

  11. You look lovely! Hope you're having a fab holiday.
    I totally agree about Coke out of a bottle. So much tastier!
    Well done for keeping up the blog even though you're on holiday. That's really cool, a lot of bloggers wouldn't. You're such a doll ♥

  12. sometimes you can find coke in glass bottles here in Canada, but it is always so tiny - like less than there is in a can and it is 10 times as much. loving you skirt!

  13. I so agree - drinks always taste better out of a glass bottle. Cans seem to have that tinny taste and plastic bottles just aren't a patch on glass!

  14. HAHA it's because people don't recycle glass bottles! In india they sell them but you have to give the bottle back- but I agree they do taste better!

    I love your bikini top- can't believe it's primark :o

    Also 15C in england? It's 29C here! Hot hot hot (for england) !

  15. Hope you are having a fabulous hol! V jealous at the thought I must say. I love this tshirt too, it looks fab - really casual but effortlessly cool!

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  16. You look lovely. Can't believe its 39 degrees! I hate anything over 21/22 haha. xo

  17. I actually really do love that top. To be honest it looks like it was bought a t-shirt and someone cut the arms, unless you did that ha. I might do it sometime though. I agree, Pepsi does taste much better in a glass bottle even thought I'm not a big fan of fizzy drinks I'd agree. Oh, I used to live in a hot country! Gosh, I used to have lots of bad hair days and now I'm back in the UK. Well my hair still isn't great but it needs cutting again x


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