Galibardy is one of my favourite places to lust after rings. As you all may or may not know that I have a massive obsession with rings and I absolutely adore statement rings! On average Id say I buy a new ring each time I go shopping, and even though I find they turn green as soon as I wear them (Im looking at you Freedom @ Topshop!) I cannot stop buying them! I'm not phased by spending a bit of money on rings either, especially if they are going to last me a little longer than your average Topshop jobby!

I have teeny tiny fingers so I always worry that rings wont fit me, I need to go and get all my fingers measured at the jewellers actually because I really find it hard to buy "proper" rings because I don't know my actual size! I normally take small in most high-street rings though!

Galibardy also has a great selection of necklaces, bracelets, pins and brooches and even have a few mens jewellery pieces! My favourite piece from the store is probably the White Tooth necklace! I think it just is so crazy and cool! Im also in love with the Buffalo ring, Its the perfect statement ring for a basic outfit!

So what do you think of Galibardy? Is it the kind of place you'd buy rings from or do you think statement rings are way tacky? What is your favorite piece in the web store? Let me know what you think in the comments!