forgive me, for i have sinned


I've got a confession to make. I've made a cardinal fashion related sin. No Im not talking about double denim *shudders* or socks with sandals. Although isn't that supposed to be in right now? Oh no, Much worse. Maybe it was just the hype of the Turkish market, or the fact I was being hassled every 5 paces by people telling me to buy fake Raybans, Ed Hardy t-shirts, fez's, glass sculptures, kebabs, over priced silver jewellery and belly dancing outfits. Id actually quite like to have bought a Fez on second thoughts though. Yes my fashion loving friends, I bought a fake bag.

Not any old fake bag, I bought a Louis Vuitton bag. Why? I really don't know. Maybe it was just to get them off my case for 10 minutes. In all honesty I cant even see myself using it. One, its fake and two its "Louis Vuitton". I've got nothing against Louis Vuitton bags, But I wouldn't say that Im really one of those typical LV toting girl! I like the print and the size and shape. Im just not sure how I'd actually feeling wearing it around home! If I was at home and was to pick out a designer bag, Id probably choose Chanel, Mullberry or Balenciaga! It was about £30 (about 90 Turkish Lira) , Which apparently is "good price! best price!" because my step dad saw someone selling the same thing for 120Euros! I don't even know if its a proper Louis Vuitton bag style or not. I dont really care to be honest. As you see some ridiculous bags over here plastered with Chanel logos or done in various shades of Louis Vuitton print!

I cant help but feel a little dirty by buying it. Infact Im actually supposed to be buying my first REAL designer bag within the next few months, Im so close to saving up enough money for it. My current dream bag total is now £435. So hopefully by the end of the summer I'll have enough for it. I'm going to save another £400. The day I strut into Selfridges in Birmingham to pick out THE bag for me, will make me feel so proud, Because I saved up for it myself! This fake bag has made me really think about it.

Its tough for me because there are some REALLY convincing fakes out there, I saw a almost perfect Mullberry Bayswater copy, and it looked perfect, I just KNEW the lock wasn't quite right. I know someone whose an avid fake Balenciaga fan, Shes got about 20 different coloured GGH city bags in an array of colours, And they all look just like the originals! Even though I do have a problem with buying fake/counterfeit/copied whatever you want to call it bags, But at the same time I see why people do buy fake, These bags are often ridiculously priced and unobtainable. Then again you can buy good quality bags all over the highstreet nowadays. And you always see Highstreet shops doing "inspired" designs! Someone commented me the other day saying that Peacocks were supposed to be doing a Mullberry Alexa style copy bag in the next few weeks. Whats the difference between fake and "inspired"? Its a tough subject and I'd love you know your thoughts!


  1. Last time I was on holiday I bought a pair of fake 5 Euro Raybans from the market, not because they were 'fake Raybans' but because I liked the colour and shape etc. They look pretty real from afar but when you pick them up you realise they are fake. Anyway, for me buying something fake is fine if it's cheap. If it looks real enough and I actually like it (and not just because of the label) I think it's fine. The problem is when these crazy market people try to sell you a £100 crappy fake Chanel or whatever, It maybe be £900 cheaper than the real thing but I'd rather pay the £1000 (even though I can't afford it) than pay a still extravagant £100 especially when you can buy decent stuff on the high street for a lot cheaper.

  2. although it feels wrong as soon as you wrote peacocks doing a mulberry alexa inspired bag I nearly cried, so there you go, apparently im ok with fakies as long as there mulberry ;)


  3. I've done this before! When in corfu i bought a pink "Louis Vuitton" and it's not my kinda thing either! I wore it once to a wedding and couldn't wear it out after that as i was too embarrassed that it was fake!

    I think inspired bags are fine but fakes aren't good although it does look real.

    Now if i see someone with a LV bag i just assume it's fake so it ruins it for people who actually save up to get a genuine one.

  4. Oh my like exactly the same here, i went to Turkey last week and ended up buying 1 really bad fake Chanel bag, one really good fake Chanel bag and a Louis Vuitton purse haha, I agree it probally had something to do with all the creeps hassling you every second, but i also got super carried away i was even thinking about a fake Rolex haha

  5. ack, i grew up in HK where the streets are littered with fakes. No, literally littered. I swear some people use louis vuittons as tissues. But buying fakes are totally cool with me! I have a draw stuffed with fake Von Dutch hats - this was back in the Paris Hilton phase. As long as we feed back into the real fashion industry, tis all goooood.


  6. I actually quite love your bag, I don't think it matters with it being fake. I wouldn't want to have a full collection of fake bags though, but then again if you wanted designer bags and couldn't afford then, then fakes would have to be the case.

    I don't actually know what is the diff between fake and inspired, that's a really good question! Inspired by could just be a classier way to say 'fake'

    P.S Woo, I'm a new follower. I really like your blog x

  7. I've got a fake VW bag and I don't think I'll ever use it, I'd be mortified if anybody spotted it as a fake (which they inevitably would!) so I end up sticking with my high street bags. I'd love a designer bag but don't know if I'd ever buy one - everytime a new bill arrived I'd be looking at it wondering if it was worth getting it :/

  8. My Dad bought me a fake Chloe bag when he was in Thailand a couple of years ago, and it broke after about two weeks use. I don't see anything wrong with buying fakes, because to some people, designer bags are simply not affordable.
    To be honest though, I would rather buy an inspired, legal bag in a high street shop, than one off the markets abroad, for the quality alone.
    The one you have looks pretty decent though... it's nice! You should use it when you're home :) xx

  9. Everytime I think of fake LV bags I remember to when I was on the train heading home and I saw a young 20 year old in a tracksuit with a fake LV handbag. The poor handbag was all falling apart and yet she took it with her. It was as far as you get from the glamor of the fashion industry as possible.

    It was such a huge sign of thinking that a label was better than quality, that it makes me feel ill.

    My issue with the fakes is buying in most cases a low quality product at a high price just because it looks like something else that sells for much more.

    Your bag looks like a decent size and could be used for various things that don't require "showing it off".

  10. i don't really have anyting against the fakes. i think i would buy a fake if i was walking through a market and it was there. but there is something about saving up for a real one that is so awesome!

  11. This time last year I was in Italy for a month, and I know exactly what you mean - the hawkers literally hound you!
    I didn't buy anything but I definalty felt the urg to...why spend an absolute fortune on 1 thing when you can have 5 right? Nope apparently not - my boyfriend at the time was italian & he saw it as an absolute carinal sin, apparently you can be arrested and in extreme cases jailed for it. They see it as being disrespectful to the designers & it kills their economy because the real deal is their lifeblood.
    I dunno, I'm on the fense personally...but at the time if I was there alone I know I would have ended up buying at least one.

  12. I have the same issue as you with buying fake bags for the instance you mentioned where you noticed the lock was off ever so slightly & it's something you'd always notice & know was fake. the day I saved up for my first louis I was so excited to walk in & shell out the cash.

    as far as knock-off fakes v. inspired pieces, I took an intellectual property law class while I was in college & did my whole final presentation on the subject & the main difference being a knock-off fake is meant to look completely identical & be passed off as the real thing whereas an inspired piece maintains some differences from the original piece & can be sold legally.

    p.s. I'm a new follower & I'm totally loving your blog. :)

  13. i read an article before about fake goods and how little kids in china are abused in order for these things to be produced:

    and i find that quite disturbing so i stay far far away from them.

    in my opinion, if i can't actually afford these luxurious goods, then i won't go and get a fake one. i'll just keep saving some money until i eventually can afford one :)

  14. I read this quote on bryanboy a few years ago and havent touched off a fake handbag since:

    "I remember walking into an assembly plant in Thailand a couple of years ago and seeing six or seven little children, all under ten years old, sitting on the floor assembling counterfeit leather handbags," the investigator told me as we drove away from the (counterfeiting) raid. "The owners had broken the children's legs and tied the lower leg to the thigh so the bones wouldn't mend. He did it because the children said they wanted to go outside and play."

  15. I personally wouldn't buy a fake bag just because I'm a bit of a snob. lol.

    I like Juicy Couture bags because they're within my price range and they do some nice ones every now and again.


  16. I have a fake aleander mcqueen scarf :P I think It makes me love it even more ;D

  17. i got sucked into fakes in both thailand and turkey. the silly thing is a never wore the items i bought when i was back in the uk - felt too ashamed!!

    i prefer to buy something in my price range. i wouldn't feel comfortable using a fake!

  18. haha I fell victim to this too, it was a wallet though!! It must be those people nagging. Though as soon as I hit home I never used the thing again.

    However I need to get hold of the alexa "inspired" bag!!

    My thoughts are inspired bags aren't so bad as, you may just like the bag/or whatever the item is, however a "fake" in which brands the logo dunno if I would personally feel comfortable wearing as I would constantly think people where going ooh thats a fake. I would rather save up a tad (alot) & buy the real deal, not just bec im snobby but to also pay the designer a bit of respect :L

  19. I can totally see your point with the Peacocks Alexa thing, but I think quality can be an issue when you're buying abroad. I've never bought a designer bag, real or fake. I want to save up but I don't think I've got the patience!
    I've tagged you for the 8 questions tag - see here!

  20. It's the perk of a holiday my love, don't hurt yourself. I bought a faux (because faux sounds so much more acceptable than fake hahah) Chloe bag in HK last year, and I've probably taken it out twice? The problem is I hide the Chloe embellishment because it does not look real upon inspection. It's a dream though. I think if this has made you want your real one even more, it's a blessing. You my lady are very determined to save up!

    Claire @ Jazzpad

  21. For a while I carried around a fake LV wallet someone gave to me, then I realised that it was pretty tacky!

    As others have pointed out, one of the best reasons for not buying these kinds of goods is how completely unregulated the manufacturing process is - at least with high street stores, you can investigate how they treat their workers and make a judgement from that whether you'll shop there or not.

    In the end, it just depends how much you covet the bag and, by extension, the designer. And you're right, you'll be able to walk into Selfridges and feel good about buying your bag because you've saved for it and you know it's the real deal!


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