tshirt: just female @ asos
leggings: ebay
jacket: primark
shoes: asos*
necklace: forever 21
nails: nails inc porchester square & opi rainbow connection

Ombre hair, Ombre t-shirt, whatever next! The weather has been absolutely glorious in my part of London today so I decided to go for a nice loose tshirt dress and leggings. Although it seems to be all I wear at the moment! The ombre tshirt is right up my street, Right now I love loose, cool and edgier pieces that are simple but still really effective. The Ombre effect looks really cool and ties in well with my signature hair style! I bought this in the S-M size, so be careful if you decided to buy it as it is much bigger than I expected! I'm going to change my nails as Im not loving the combination of the two polishes, I'm thinking a minty green or something? Really craving brighter, fresher colours at the moment!

Im a big fan of ASOS nowadays, I used to be a bit indifferent to it. I always felt there was always way too much stuff to look through but I've enjoyed doing my ASOS Future Stylist stuff and actually taking the time to look through their vast selection of items rather than being all "CBA, effort!". I've purchased a lot from them recently which has surpassed me, Doesn't help that I got ASOS premier when it was on offer a few weeks ago which is free next day delivery! Is anyone else more inclined to buy things when there is free shipping?

Today I decided to re-join the gym, I love exercising so I just needed to get my bum off the seat at my desk and rejoin! Normally once I go back to the gym I get straight into it and go everyday, fingers crossed it works out! I've been talking about it for ages but I really want to do a marathon or half marathon for my friend who died of cancer a few years ago. Maybe its time I actually did it! Bought the most ugly trainers known to man (seriously has anyone seen a nice looking pair?) and also went to Primark (so much nice stuff, but no buying, minimal spends only this month!). Had a lovely day today, the sun has put me in the best mood ever!