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ss 2012
jumper: topshop
vest (under jumper): new look
leggings: ebay
nails: models own jade green
hair: enreapture totem styler (review here) 1-3-1 *

This was what I wore yesterday, It was far too cold to pull it off but oh well! I wish on reflection I'd worn more than just a vest under it! I did wear a thin leather jacket but it really wasn't enough! This jumper has to be my favourite purchase in a long long time. It's so easy to wear and will look nice layered up or over a dress in the summer. In usual Topshop style I paid way too much for it, and I'm dreading washing it as I have a feeling its going to shrink! I kept my receipt just incase though! I wore it with leggings (what a surprise!) and some flatforms (even more of a surprise!) Also sporting some of the new Love, Hearts and Crosses jewellery Conny has kindly sent me. I loved every piece I got given so I can't wait to get wearing it all!

Sorry for the lack of posts yesterday! I went down the Southbank with my friend Greg for a stroll in the sun and then we went to Starbucks for coffee. Was so nice to see him and have a wander around. Like I mentioned a few posts ago Londoners really don't realise how lovely some parts of London are. I really need to enjoy it more! London is the most inspiring place I've ever been to and I love living here! As for today, I went to the gym and I did the OK GO Nike + treadmill work out (I listened to it on spotify as I have premium)! I had to stop myself from hurling myself over the treadmill like in the Here it goes again video!