Back in September 2010, when my blog was still at its humble beginnings (despite blogging for over a year and a few months!), I decided to enter the LOOK Magazine blogging contest, I ended up as a finalist & eventually won the competition! You can read about it all here and here! I had such a wonderful experiance, staying in a posh hotel, eating canapes and sipping champers & rubbing shoulders with celebs! It was the first "event" I'd ever been to (or indeed asked to!) so I really didn't know what to expect. Its weird to see how far my blog has come since this time in my life, its been 11 months since this happened. It was one of the key inspiring moments as a blogger where it "clicked" into place. I knew coming out of it that this is the type of thing I wanted to do in my life, Fashion or indeed blogging was my future.

They recently asked me to be part of a feature about blogging, I was absolutely honored to be asked (big thanks to Lara for this!) and be in one of my favourite magazines. This article is the first time I've ever been featured in a mainstream fashion magazine. I'm really happy with how the article came out and Im so proud. I did a little happy dance when I bought it from the shop! Clear up a few facts from the article, I have a Louis Vuitton bag & I have 75,000 absolute unique visitors a month not followers, Although I think that means the same thing as its how many different people a month visit your blog! I'm not to down with all the fancy statistic mumbo jumbo! I was really worried when I did do the interview over the phone for this as it was after a vino or two in a loud and noisy club on the day I graduated from university!

On Thursday I'm going to London to the LOOK offices to do a live Twitter chat! I'm super excited about it and literally cannot wait to see what its like to be in a Magazine working environment! I'd really recommend entering the competition, its really worth it! The entry form for the competition is up on the LOOK Magazine website so go ahead and enter! Its such a wonderful experience!