skirt: zara
shirt: primark
belt: primark
rings: topshop, market stall, asos, jwlry (small turquoise number 3)

I wore this Sunday but photographed it ready for the week seeing as I knew I'd be majorly busy towards the end of the week! I worked 12-8 today which was incredibly dull, However it was alright because I ended up spotting loads of things I wanted to buy! I work in New Look (coz people always ask!), I proper "hauled" my little heart out, considering I dont actually remember what the last item I bought was before today. I didnt even go payday crazy this month!

Look gurlz I'm wearing muh hurr different fuh a change. Nah my hair had just randomly decided to look nice for once so I left it like this. I personally really dislike my hair and despite what it looks like in photos its really crappy, Not fishing for compliments or wanting people to worship my coiffure. I just don't like it, Honestly if my hair would stay sleek, straight and unmatted I might favor it more. But it matts and knots so easily, I brush all my matted bits of hair out every single week, as well as brush my hair everyday, and use deep conditioner once a week. I dont even backcomb it anymore because its that bad! My hair dresser friend said she has no idea why my hair does it, it just does?

I wear my hair in the clipped back style most of the time because its just easy and takes 0 effort to look good, where as as soon as I walked out the door without it clipped back it looked terrible! I know one particular commenter dislikes my default hairstyle alot, but hands up, who wears their hair the same most days purely because they know it would stay how they want it!?

Photographing new rings for the shop tomorrow, I have a little deal planned which is 5 rings for £10 and I cant wait to put it up in the shop!