So, Got a email the other day about doing some Guest Blogging for River Islands blog. And of course it was one of those things I couldnt say no to! We lost our local River Island store in the Great Fire of Hereford, I say great but it really wasn't that spectacular, Its just something people in Hereford shall be talking about forever! Anyway, I hadn't been to River Island in ages so after quick browse around their website, I was pleasently suprised with what I saw. Lots of lovely summery dresses, very fresh and very feminine. Alot better than a few years ago when everything was bedazzled!

I'm absolutely in love with that Kimono Jacket, Its something I can seen myself wearing LOADS in the summer in the evenings with pretty much everything. Especially when I go on Holiday, yes I'm going on Holiday to exactly the same place as I went last year! My mum is one of those people that goes to the same resort every single year! Doubt most people have been following me that long to know where I went last year though ;) Reminds me I need to get back to the gym as well, No more KFC's for lunch!