tunic: topshop
skirt: new look
cardigan: primark

Today's outfit is another classic example of something that looks sweet IRL and then doesnt look half as special on camera. I think black/white/grey outfits tend to just look a bit blah in photos. Theres something really classic about black, that I think I find hard to capture. Regardless this is possibly my favourite outfit I've worn in a very long time. Comfy, Cosy, Throw on and go. Especially with this weird weather at the moment, One minuite its warm the next its cold and raining. I am wearing a skirt despite it travelling upwards a bit in these photos! Least it there is no camel toe on show!

Not done much today apart from run some errands with my mother, a failed attempted at shopping and choosing some stuff to wear at work. Cracking on with my dissertation is high up on my list of priorities, but nope. Still not even opened that word document! Oh well. I'll do it tomorrow!

There is something very unsettling about being the one taking your family to their valentines dates. Although I'm not sad nor do I feel lonely. I'm really happy being single at the moment. I know its a touchy subject really, but I always thought I was one of those girls that really relied on being with someone. But I can honestly say the last 4 months of being single has made me realize alot about myself. So tonight, I shall be donning my black bodysuit and dancing round my room.