smudged liner, pen on hands, can tell ive been doing work!
hat: new look, top: primark, ring: topshop

001. Two weeks off work starts on Monday! I also have the week off university too, So excited to have some time off. Even thought I have no solid plans as of yet. Im supposed to be going to London Fashion Week, but my pass still hasn't been approved, And I'm thinking in reality I cant actually afford to go down to London and I cant afford the time off doing my university work, I really need to crack on and finish my dissertation as well as some D&AD breifs. At the moment I think I'll only go on Friday but I really don't know! Im sure my plans will change!

002. I'm planning on going to this Bloggers meet up in March. Should be really fun, I've never met any bloggers IRL (apart from Carla who drew a hilarious artistic impression of our meeting). It should be good. I used to go to university in Sheffield (well for 3 months I did!) so its gonna be nice going back! Cannot wait to meet Victoria though. We are planning on meeting sometime this month just me and her! Other awesome bloggers going include Gemma, Kelly, Kavita, Claire & Nicola!

003. Update on my shop pre-orders. I'm really sorry its taking so much longer than expected. I really hope to get everything sorted and sent by the end of next week. If you are sick of waiting and would like a refund just email me with your paypal email and I'll get that sorted right away! Im planning on launching it properly soon with tons of new items and a new name! I decided on JWLRY (jewellery sans the vowels... like LLYMLRS? GEDDIT?!) but just say it as "jewellery". I read somewhere that you can read words and sentences without the vowels?

004. I've been listening to the new Strokes song on repeat ever since it was played on the Zane Lowe show this week. Its so good, Is it wrong I already know all the words?

005. Follow the people I linked in 002 if you don't already!

Gosh this has been a very memememe Sunday post, oh ah wellz!