i joined dailybooth

001. I don't really have any new years resolutions. I'd never stick to them even if I planned to. But my main goal is just to have more fun and work less but achieve much more. Oxymoron right? As for blogging goals, I aim to just keep doing what Im doing. If it aint broke dont fix it!

002. To clarify the "using my photos" issue. Basically use them all you want on your blogs as long as Im LINKED back with credit of the original source ie me! Thats making the photo a clickable link, or even just a text link. You dont really need to ask for my permission to use the photos, but Id rather they not be used to sell things.

003. I was hoping to do some outfit photos today, but laziness got the better of me. I have a stye coming in my eye. I think its because I've bought a new mascara and it hasnt agreed with me at all, but only now my eye is red and getting puffy I put two and two together.  Its not TOO bad at the moment, but it has got worse this evening, hence why todays picture is a photobooth image I uploaded to Dailybooth earlier. But we shall have to see if it gets worse or not.

004. I've started a new channel for my blog on youtube. ETCllymlrs, is basically going to be just all the stuff that isnt fashion related in video form. Your main concern with the new outfit videos is that they didn't show "personality". I feel they show more about me in terms of how I like things to be: to the point, obvious and aesthetically pleasing, than me blabbing for two mins in low quality about nothing. But we all have our own opinions, but I get that Youtube is about the person behind the camera, and I dont think everyone follows me on here to. So yeah, go subscribe if you want to see that sort of stuff. If your not interested, just sub to the main channel. I am currently uploading a vlog to my second channel, My internet keeps cutting out so its taking forever! IT UPLOADED!

005. Five to Follow: Victoria, Rachel Marie, Anouska, Ashley & Natalie

PS. My blogs had over 120 followers in 4 days, which is probably my all time record, Seriously THANK YOU!

&PPS. Still no numbers, Promise I'll do them tomorrow!