top: primark
cardigan: primark
skirt: zara
turban: babooshka boutique
belt: primark
ring: market stall
nails: nubar dolcetto

HAIII. I wasnt gonna take photos today, because my eye is literally killing me. Obviously you cant see it much in these photos or the video, I am the master of angles and makeup disguise. I literally took it off right after I did this though! Its really hurting. I was going to wear sunglasses but I just looked like a idiot, its the middle of winter! UGH.

I know this outfit is pretty much the same as the other day, but with a turban and some different colours. I really couldn't be bothered to get dressed properly. But I made an effort for you guys, Gosh I know, no need to thank me! ;) Rocking my Babooshka Boutique turban for the first time in ages too. It's been lurking in the bottom of my wardrobe for yonks now, and after a rediscovery I knew it had to be featured again! I love how turbans are really "in" at the moment, and I was rocking mine early last year! Trendsetter much! Note the belt change too! Also, no idea why my hairs such a weird colour in these photos, The light was super bright in the room I do my photos so the exposure was a bit messed up. OH WELLZ.

I havent left the house today, Just sat in our dining room and did my dissertation. I've eaten two bags of crisps, had four coffees, two cans of pepsi and some cheese and crackers. Im back at university tomorrow, Well maybe. Im not 100% sure. We haven't actually been told but either way Im going to Hereford to see my friend Greg. Here is the vlog I uploaded on my new youtube channel from yesterday. Errr, dont really have much to say today. Sucks for boring days like this! I'd say this post has a 80% sarcasm rating. Can you tell Im really in a crappy mood?