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Thought seeing as the year is coming to a end, I'd go through all my old outfit posts and pick my favourites from the bunch. According to my photo folder I've done 92 outfits, Although I cannot confirm how many I've actually done because I can never remember if I've uploaded them all, and I often forget to tag them on my blog! My style has changed this year. I wouldn't say its changed drastically, its just different. I still wear the same types of clothes: oversized tops, pretty dresses, body con skirts, chunky layers and not wearing trousers. I've pretty much spent the year experimenting with new things, specifically colour. This is also the first ever year that I've worn my bare legs out side the house, I even wore a bikini for the first time, and posted a photo of it online! This is partly down to weightloss, but also down to some inner confidence in my own body I'd gained. Probably through this blog to be honest.

I'm not into "fashion" really, I always say to people "I just like clothes". I like to wear pretty things because they look nice, or I like the way they feel, or the colour of something or the pattern of something. I don't take too much notice of the catwalks or what trends  we are told are going to be the seasons must haves. I observe them, consider them, But I never really think OH THIS S/S I MUST DRESS SUCH AND SUCH A WAY! I have a little idea in my head where I'd like my style to go. Obviously depends on whats in the shops though, and how I can interpret them into my ideal "look". That is my favourite thing about being a "highstreet" shopper. Its fast paced, and accessible. Most stores are doing great at the moment: changing their style and becoming better at interpreting key trends on a budget. Primark has definitely been my favourite shop of the year. Although New Look and River Island have pleasantly surprised me too.

Anyway, I hope that you all continue to enjoy my outfits, and give me an excuse to justify buying new clothes all the time! Although knowing me I'd still be buying a truckload of clothes, regardless of if I showed them online or not!

Whats your favourite outfit of mine? I'd love to know!