001. I'm still currently lapping up the sun in Turkey, and its glorious! Hope the weather back home is OK! It was super sunny when I left the UK, But hopefully its still like that! My hotels lovely but full of really really brash and rude Russians, Who treat the staff awfully and push and shove you around! Apart from that everything is good, lots of cocktails, lovely food (My diets really gone out the window) and really friendly and helpful staff!

002. My tans coming along nicely! No orange fake baking for me! I do actually really like the colour I've gone, But my lack of foundation that matches my skin makes me angry! I didnt even bring any bronzer so my face looks as pale as a ghost. I know as soon as I'm through to duty free I'm going to get my Chanel foundation in a few shades darker! I'm just using a mineral suncreen during the day on my face and then Revlon Photoready in the evenings!

003. I've had some really nasty mosquito bites in the past few days. I'm actually allergic to all insect bites, and despite dousing myself in anti mosquito stuff I'm all bitten ): When I was in New Zealand I got so badly bitten I have scarring on both my legs from all the insects! Im trying my hardest not too touch them, but owowow!

004. I've hauled my little heart out over the new MAC collections. Ya'll know Im a makeup junkie, and I couldn't resist getting practically all the blushes, the MSF's and a few lipsticks from the collection. I cant wait to get home and play with them! Has anyone else bought anything from it? Stereo Rose was my must have, I nearly bought iton ebay yonks ago for a silly price, Im so glad it was repromoted!

005. Ive got an idea for a little blog feature coming up when I get back. Ill explain more about it when I'm back. It involves you guys and you could have a little feature on the blog too! It involves a bit of clothes swapping, restyling and some personal input from the readers! I havent worked out the details yet but we shall have to see!