skirt: H&M
top: topshop
scarf: zara

I know I look a little bit trampy in this, Hardly the most stylish outfit I've ever worn, to be honest I dont even like it that much. I'm a ill, lethargic and just needed a throw on and go outfit today because I've been working my butt off doing university work. I'm currently juggling a dissertation, a YCN breif, a DA&D breif, a rebranding breif as well as a 42 page layout brochure. God knows how I'm going to work in Graphic Design in the future.

For those who will ask about how I put my hair up. There is no secret to it, all I do is scoop it up and put it on top of my head in a ball. No method, just trial and error really! I don't get it right everytime. Like everything I do its just a case of doing it till it works. I cant really say it enough, I really do anything to my hair, I use no products, I backcomb a little, Its naturally straight but looks wavy because it just gets messier between washes. I know alot of people think my hairs perfect, But I hate it. You dont see it from the back, which is just a dreaded, matted mess. You can even see a baby dred poking out in the last photo!

I was featured in The Times the other day,  Alongside Selina and Carrie. I was so flattered to be asked to write a little bit about my idea of fashion in 2011. I obviously talked about colour, Which is my big thing at the moment! Was amazing to get a bit of mainstream press! My Mum was so proud!