skirt: zara
top: topshop
cardigan: new look
ring: asos
belt: primark

Sick of me in this skirt yet? No? GOOD! Ah I just simply love it. Promise I've washed it though! I have worn it an awful lot since I bought it. I wish I'd bought another one on reflection but Zoe linked me to this one on Asos on Twitter and I knew I had to get my mitts on it. I'm just obsessed with high wasited belted skirts! I seem to be doing blue and black looks alot recently, even though I'm not really much of a fan of blue and black, always thought it was a bit of a fashion no no. However I think with the browny rusty coloured cardigan it looks quite nice. If you haven't noticed, I'm quite into colours at the moment and how different colours go together. So its fun trying to find colours that unexpectedly work! I think thats the graphic designer in me!

Todays video is a little on the crappy side, Its been so dark and dreary today the lighting was just crap! But you get the idea! The bit at the end is probably as close as a HOW TO DO LLYMLRS HAIR as it gets (Although I do have a YT video on how I do my hair but its long forgotten!). As that is literally all I do to my hair. No products, although I would backcomb a tiny bit at the sides,  Fluff it up a bit, swoosh it about, jujj it up and the volia, it might look good, it might not! I have actually Ombre'd it again so its alot blonder than it was! Just needs a bit of toner or something to take some of the brassyness out!

As for today, I haven't done much. I didnt sleep well last night, so I woke up a bit late, Had a free Starbucks in the morning, Went to university, Handed my dissertation in and came home! Now I'm going to have a nap, and hopefully it will refresh me a bit! I then plan to watch Man vs. Food, then Glee and then the new episode of Shameless. OHH IM LIVING THE HIGHLIFE!