The other night I was sitting with my Mum and she happened to go on Priceless Shoes, I think they were a highstreet store but then they closed down due to the recession, although after looking on their store finder they have a fair few shops in the Midlands. As Mum was flicking through I saw these these boots, Instantly remembering a VERY similar pair from Topshop that I actually bought and returned months and months ago because I thought the price was extortionate. For £10, I took my chances and ordered a pair. I did a quick google, YES I even remembered the name of the shoe, and they looked pretty much the same. They came today and I LOVE them! They don't feel too cheap or crappy either! I paid £10+ £3.50 P&P, compared to be £60 odd I'd paid for those Topshop ones.

I tend to forget about discount shoe stores, I did buy an awesome pair of booties (2nd from the right) years ago from a random ebay shoe shop and I loved them! From experience, I tend to see alot of Topshop, New Look and River Island shoe-a-likes on eBay for much, much less than they are in stores. For example these boots on eBay are very similar, if not the same as these Topshop ones. These current stock River Island boots are very similar to these fur lined boots on eBay. Obviously the quality might not be the same and the designs may be a bit off, I cant vouch for these stores because obviously I've not bought these shoes. But hey, hope it helps some people who want some cheapy shoes! Although I'm tempted to get the Topshop Swallow cut out copies because after seeing Charlene in them, I really NEED them!

Have you bought off any off these sorts of shoe shops before? Any good? Recommendations in the comments!