Have you ever wanted an item of clothing so badly it feels like you'd cut your right arm off to get it? No? Just me then! Seriously I want this Topshop jumper more than any item of clothing. And Im talking more than that YSL ring that everyone seems to have, More than a Speedy 35, More than a pair of Jeffery Campbell Litas (I joke, I think they are fug!) Im one of those people that covets things, waits a bit, then when it comes to buying it I never do or Im too late.

This jumper is a perfect example. I remember looking at it in store thinking HMM I'll leave it a few days, go back, still there. All is good. Wait a bit longer. A girl comes into work wearing it. OMGZ NEED THIS NOW. Go to Topshop, gone. Go online. WAHOOO size 10 still in stock. Oh I'll order tomorrow! Dont order. Next day goes out of stock. Next day goes into sale. Call every Topshop in a 60 mile radius. No luck. Trawl eBay relentlessly, find one my size. Forget to bid. FML. Repeat eBay process.

Other items in the past that I've wanted REALLY badly are in the past are the original Kate Moss pansy playsuit, the Barbara Hulanicki dress (which I managed to find months later on a last chance to buy rail in my size in the Birmingham Topshop!), My much loved leopard moccasins from Primark, a Vivienne Westwood orb necklace and MAC Stereo Rose mineralize skinfinish! Even as recent as that Peter Pan collar dress that divided everyones opinion, all items that I've wanted so badly! I think I just get obsessed with the idea of owning something, especially to the point where I think about it too much and

Do you have any items that you hunt for relentlessly? Or seen something you want thats constantly out of stock, but always check "just incase"! Doesnt have to be high street either, Im sure we all have a designer lust. Mullbery Alexa... HELLO! Let me know in the comments!