Seen a few posts on this already, So I thought id do the same and chuck my few cents in. I did one these for Primark Autumn Winter 2010 so I thought I'd go ahead and do one for Primark Spring Summer 2010. As a self confessed Primark addict, it comes as no surpise that Im always intrested in what they are going to be coming out with next. I loved this past seasons collections, its been very "me". Their knits, shirts, shoes and acessories have all been a big hit. I still always get the "I cant believe that Primark!" comments whenever I tell people that somethings from Primark!

As much as I like some of the pieces, The red bag in image 3 and the cute little socks in image 5, I cant see me actually buying most of these things. Primark dresses are far too long for me and I'm too lazy to actually take them up. Im really not a fan of the Midi length either, one it would be a maxi dress on me because Im so short and and two Midis just look unflattering on my long body and short legs! The tones and shades of the colours are lovely, Its definitely going the way I'd like my wardrobe colour pallete for spring summer. But from these intital shots, its just missing something. Maybe its because I'm not into that 70's and 50's preppy vibe they seem to be going for. I hear that it is meant to be "in" this Spring Summer. It has a bit of a Mui Mui vibe going through it too, get me being ~fashiony~.

I do think Primark is being very on trend with this SS11 Lookbook though with this collection, I might not like it, but it is what we are being told is going to be in this year. Its nice to see Primark being classed as a genuine fashion forward highstreet store and not just a place you can buy a velour tracksuit from. I think people are too quick to dismiss Primark saying its cheap, hard to shop in and a messy. But I like it, its reasonably priced and has a quick turnover so their tends to be new things all the time. I think you just need to look past the rubbish stuff and find the key on trend peices. It helps going to the larger Primark stores too. I live near a awful one, but 20 minutes down the road theres a massive one that I love!

Like with all lookbooks, you have to remember not 100% of the stuff goes into production or comes out the same as the photos. You can view their swimwear collection here, and their Lingerie collection here and then all the indvidual item shots here.

What do you think of the Lookbook and the trends that are meant to be "in" this S/S?