photobooth picture and man hands, fml!
001. I should be at the staff party tonight, but due to some mix up with hours at work, Im home, watching the X Factor final! I know which Id rather be doing! I did however buy a fab dress for the party from Topshop. I was gonna take it back, but my best friend, who actually won a million quid on euro millions a few weeks back is having a party next Saturday, which means saves me having to get another dress!

002. Finally decided to spend my £50 Office Voucher that I won when I went to the Look Show. I finally decided to get these lace up booties! I cant remember if I actually told you all what I won when I won that competition, but I won a years worth of Jergens moisturizer (which at the moment Im using by the bucket load!),  a Warehouse voucher, £250 to spend at Spoiled Brat (again, not used that either!) a Westwood Rocks voucher, some Nubar nail polish and of course a subscription to Look Magazine!

003. I uploaded a video ~outfit of the day~, basically behind the ramble I was trying to say, you don't just have to just wear trousers and jumpers in the winter, think about what you have and how you can update it to suit the weather. Long sleeved tops, t-shirts, vests, layers, scarves, snoods, cardigans and extra tights are your best friends! I will be adding videos to my Youtube of outfits that I've worn before and some that don't photograph well. 

004. I just have to rave about them, but Tweezermans are the best tweezers ever. As someone with large brows (through choice, overplucked and drawn on eyebrows make me want to vom!) they are amazing, they get all the little hairs and are so precise! I was skeptical about paying £20 for a pair of tweezers so I bought the mini's which were around £11 and are just as good! I have reshaped my brows a bit, as I wanted to

005. No Five to Follow, feel free to leave a link in the comments. You might be here next week, you never know! And there is no need to put yourself down when I ask for things like this, So many people put "Heres mine but you probably wont like it" or "its not good but..." Never say that about your blog, you should always strive to write the best blog you can, if you think your blogs rubbish, then imagine what other people think. My best advice when starting a blog or blogging in general is to write a blog that you would enjoy reading. Its suprising how naturally it comes when you write in a style that suits you, and about things that interest you!