001. Working in retail at Christmas sucks, Im working Monday-Thursday all day next week, which kills me a little on the inside. I know the extra money will be worth it, but talk about STRESS. I've hardly bought any Christmas presents either, So I'm going to totally be one of those last minuite late night Christmas Eve shoppers! I vow every year to not do it, But I always will do!

002. I've been suffering from really bad toothache this week. So the last two days have been spent in a Codeine induced haze. My wisdom teeth are coming through, and no dont worry about me taking Codeine, I read the instructions, I wont be taking it again after tomorrow. Obviously then I shall then be moving onto heroin. I joke. I'm going to the dentist tomorrow so hopefully they can sort them out. But there is not much I can really do about it, They have to come through eventually!

003. Uploaded a Haul video to Youtube. I hate the word haul, It sounds to brash and uncouth. But there isnt really else I could call it. So once again I have given in and done something I don't agree with for the sake of Youtube. To clarify, I like haul videos, do not like the word haul! I also did a outfit video quickly the other day, Which I have since photographed and I'll put it up on the blog in due course. Sometimes its so much easier for me to do the videos, outfit photos can sometimes take between 20 minutes and a hour, where as a 3 min video is just done then uploaded. Its easier to do the Youtube bit, But to be honest I just want to be a blogger, and not a vlogger. Who knows though, My feelings change all the time! One day I'll meet someone who is willing to follow me around and take my photos for me, Until then I'm gonna have to suck it up!

004. I bought a iPhone 4 today, I have so much buyers remorse right now. I think I mainly bought it because I'm so sick of my Blackberry. I've had it for 18 months now and its really on its last legs! It keeps failing the back doesnt fit any more and basically its not a iPhone. Oh well, I always wanted to buy it outright and then just get a cheaper short term contract. My orange contract is up on Boxing Day so all is good!

005. Five to Follow: Lyzi, Sydney, Sarah-Leigh, Abbey & Lauren (mainly for this HILARIOUS Chloe Mafia tutorial!)