cardigan: primark
top: topshop (dress worn as top)
belt: primark
skirt: H&M
necklace: zara taylor

Had to work 12-6 today, rather than all day which is nice, Although I am also working all day Friday which is a bit of a bummer, But Ivors coming home for a week so least I have something to look forward to! I look incredibly moody as per usual, But I tried to snap these photos at about 10:50 when I had to leave my house at 11! Didnt have time to force a proper smile! The photoface is something I really need to work on!

So todays outfit was pretty much a throw together, I wanted to wear the heart cardigan (see other outfits I've worn it with here and here) and I had originally planned to just wear the topshop wavy detail mullberry tunic and leggings, But it wasn't working for me. The proportions just looked wrong, It just needed a little bit more to make the outfit. So opted for the H&M pannelled body con which I wear ALL the time, and had the dress tucked in. I never wear things like this, But it was a nice change! I also wore my trusty leopard moccassins. People often ask about my shoes, but personally, I'm not a shoe person, I just throw on whatever shoes are nearest my bedroom door!

If you've been wondering why I've been so quiet over the past few days on Twitter and on here, I'm stuck into more university work at the moment. Its nice having creative and challenging breifs for a change. We had to critique the second years work on Tuesday and me and my friend Vicky were... well slightly mean. To be honest some of their work was awful, It makes me wonder how they even got on a graphic design course in the first place. One was actually drawn in MS paint with the spray paint tool. Facepalm. How they can get into a second year of a degree course and think that is acceptable is beyond me. I wish I took a photo of their "design"! The thing is I know that they could do better, They just dont try! People like that just annoy me and make me wonder why the hell they would waste like £15,000 doing a degree in something they have NO desire to do! Even when I was doing my first and second year, I hated the kind of work we were set, But I still tried my hardest to come up with a solution to the problem of a decent and expected quality of someone doing a degree.

PS. Who watched the last episode of Gossip Girl, OMG THE END! That is all!
PPS. Big love to Victoria for choosing the title, she got some swaaaaaggaaaaa!