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what i wore 11.06.10what i wore 11.06.10
what i wore 11.06.10
dress: new look
cardigan: primark
headband: new look
necklace: "vivienne westwood"
rings: H&M & primark

Oh Oh Oh! Look who's legs are out for the second time this year! Well they sort of were because after I took these I decided to put on some cropped cycling shorts (these ones from ASOS) because I didn't want to cause an indecent exposure! Today I did my usual work all day then go the gym routine. I even went on the sunbed for the first time. Before anyone says anything, Im totally against sunbeds, I dont even really want to go on them, But I'm going to Turkey in two weeks and Its going to be hot. Really hot! I dont really ever burn, But my skins quite fair, but I have a tan undertone. Also my Dads from New Zealand so I sort of inherited a more sunburn proof skin! Despite this I get paranoid and worry I'll burn when I get there, Hence me gently exposing my skin! Flawed logic? Probably!

The necklace is something I bought off iOffer AGES ago, I knew it was fake when I bought it, and in all honesty it looks pretty darn fake, and I keep meaning to change the chain, But I think the design is pretty cute! Reminds me of the snitch from Harry Potter! Also I'm really not sure whats going on with my hair, I have no idea why its decided to go orange-y brown without me doing anything to it. Haven't plucked up the courage to Ombre it yet though!

ALSO! Ive decided I'm going to start saving to buy a designer bag! This would be the first designer bag I've ever bought myself! I do have a Chanel 2.55 which my grandparents bought me for my 18th birthday. I just want to say that it is something that I would be saving up for, I want a really classic style. Probably a British designed bag too, Possibly a Mulberry one. I think a post on my dream bags (which hopefully will become reality!) is due soon!


  1. i absolutely love what you're wearing, i cant believe the cardigans from primark its cutee :) xxx


  2. You look grand! ooo can't wait to see what bag your going to get! xx

  3. I did that before my holiday last year and it seemed to work - I didn't burn while I was there when I normally turn into a little lobster.

  4. Chanel bag? Jealous! Yes defo save up for a classic that will last the test of time. It will be a great investment.

    Lovely outfit.xx

  5. Another absolutely beautiful outfit!
    Oh and thank you for putting the link to the cycling shorts, I've been looking for the right pair for a while now! I know what I'll be purchasing on payday next week! :]
    Nikki, xo.

  6. haha, i commented this on lookbook as well but i love those rings.. and that cardigan! so much.


  7. I wish that I could save up for things but I just have terrible motivation for that stuff. Love this look though, especially the necklace, total snitch vibe!

  8. Love this outfit - you look great :) That cardigan is amazing, I've never seen it in Primark, I'm so jealous!
    Also loving your rings rather a lot..

    Good luck on the saving front - it'd be a hopeless battle for me - I'm definitly a 'quantity over quality' girl!


  9. love your cardigan it's so cute! xx

  10. The outfit it so cute, I love it all, but the cardigan especially!

    Good luck saving for your bag! I've tried saving up about 5 or 6 times, but I always get impatient and end up just spending it all in Topshop instead haha.

  11. Great minds think alike, I'm saving for an amazing staple bag too! The cardigan is adorable, great print
    It would be mine

  12. I'm also going to Turkey in 2 weeks! I'm going on the 27th, can't wait. I'm also "saving" to buy a designer bag and my first purchase is definitely going to be a miu miu

  13. You look gorgeous, as ever! I love that cardigan!
    I tried the neon rose on one cheek and the flush on the other, but the neon was a bit much because I am rather pale. Flush is just a notch more natural. It's a very subtle difference though.
    Am thinking of doing a small scale ombre on my hair... Under the fringe or something. Getting so bored with it.
    Hope you have a nice night, missy xx

  14. Hahha I am born in NZ and I get burnt 24/7, probably because I have irish in me. Not cool. You should come to NZ. Its great!!

  15. That necklace is incredible anyway!

  16. check this out:

    she s referring to you
    oh dear... -.-

  17. hey lily! love that primark cardi... the heart print is so cute!!!!

    one of my fav outfits on you!

    xoxo jenna

  18. Amazing legs! Can't believe that cardigan is from Primark, its lovely. I'm also jealous you have the bag of my dreams! xo

  19. so love the lace dress + heart cardigan combo. too cute! and so wish i could pull off headbands like you do gorgeous :)

  20. You always look absolutely beautiful!

  21. Love it! I saw the cardigan in Primark and loved it, I think I might buy it.


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