what i wore 11.06.10what i wore 11.06.10
what i wore 11.06.10
dress: new look
cardigan: primark
headband: new look
necklace: "vivienne westwood"
rings: H&M & primark

Oh Oh Oh! Look who's legs are out for the second time this year! Well they sort of were because after I took these I decided to put on some cropped cycling shorts (these ones from ASOS) because I didn't want to cause an indecent exposure! Today I did my usual work all day then go the gym routine. I even went on the sunbed for the first time. Before anyone says anything, Im totally against sunbeds, I dont even really want to go on them, But I'm going to Turkey in two weeks and Its going to be hot. Really hot! I dont really ever burn, But my skins quite fair, but I have a tan undertone. Also my Dads from New Zealand so I sort of inherited a more sunburn proof skin! Despite this I get paranoid and worry I'll burn when I get there, Hence me gently exposing my skin! Flawed logic? Probably!

The necklace is something I bought off iOffer AGES ago, I knew it was fake when I bought it, and in all honesty it looks pretty darn fake, and I keep meaning to change the chain, But I think the design is pretty cute! Reminds me of the snitch from Harry Potter! Also I'm really not sure whats going on with my hair, I have no idea why its decided to go orange-y brown without me doing anything to it. Haven't plucked up the courage to Ombre it yet though!

ALSO! Ive decided I'm going to start saving to buy a designer bag! This would be the first designer bag I've ever bought myself! I do have a Chanel 2.55 which my grandparents bought me for my 18th birthday. I just want to say that it is something that I would be saving up for, I want a really classic style. Probably a British designed bag too, Possibly a Mulberry one. I think a post on my dream bags (which hopefully will become reality!) is due soon!