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I'm more excited about the fact that my all-time-favourite-band-borderline-obsessive-band-id-most-love-to-see-live-in-the-whole-wide-world-bring-on-the-forth-album The Strokes are playing at the Isle of White festival tonight than the fact the World Cup is on! If you follow me on Twitter expect a string of The Strokes related things! This is my favourite The Strokes top I own, I have two others baseball tops with the standard Strokes logo on in red and black, and then a blue one with the same logo on. I found it randomly on eBay while doing random searches years ago and its been one of my secret wardrobe favorites for years! I wish I was going tonight but I couldn't get just a day ticket, which is a major bummer! Hopefully the new The Strokes album will be out in the next year, And then expect me to be at every date they play in the UK. My boyfriend said he wouldn't come with me to see them because I'd make my "excited face" and wouldn't be able to hold back the tears! Ill probably be crying when I watch it on ITV2 tonight!

Do you have a favourite band t-shirt? Or do you think they are a bit tacky? How do you feel about the overuse of certain band tees on people who don't even like the band on the shirt their wearing? Personally I love wearing band stuff! I do get annoyed when I see girls wearing Metallica or Iron Maiden shirts and having no idea about the band on the shirt! Let me know how feel in the comments!



  1. I agree totally with you on the Metallica Iron Maiden thing. Also, I see a lot of Guns and Roses. I feel like asking those girls, have you ever seen Axl Rose? He's ridiculous. But I totally enjoy wearing a band that I support. I'm so glad that you brought this up!

  2. I absolutely love the strokes too! So jealous of everybody that is there this weekend. All i used to wear was band shirts but now I only tend to buy them if it's a band I really support and the design is cool. I can't bring myself to throw away my old collection though as I plowed a lot of money into that. I hate the amount of girls/boys who wear joy division tshirts and don't listen to the music. If you have their tshirt, you have to at least have listened to their music!!

  3. Yep, I totally agree, too! I often see these "fashion girls" who wear band from rock shirts just because they think it's cool. Or these little kids that wear Slipknot shirts because they think they're so heavy metal, but they don't understand a single word from the lyrics (well at least here in Germany many people don't really understand lyrics of English bands).
    I love wearing bandshirts! I even own a "Drop dead, Gorgeous!" underwear panty because I used to listen ton them everyday when I was younger xD
    But it's only okay to wear merchandise when you're a real fan!

    btw I like your Strokes shirt! chin up, they be on tour again when their new album drops ;)

  4. oomg how confused am I? I meant shirts from rockbands! (not bands from rock shirts), damn :D

  5. yeah i agree with what you said about how girls wear band tee`s and they know nothing about the band! oh and i love `em. i don`t have that many but i have one favorite that`s a beatle one :)

  6. Haha you are totally the girl version of my boyfriend. The Strokes is his ultimate favourite band I think he's on the verge of tears he's not there to see them.

    I used to wear band tees a hell of a lot when I was younger and in my semi emo phase. I'm still a fan of them, but I'm more into the design of them and how they look overall as opposed to wearing one just so I can brandish their name across my chest.


  7. i love band tshirts, in fact i think i have more of them than normal tshirts in my wardrobe!
    it really annoys me too when i see people wearing like rolling stones or beatles shirts when they clearly have never listened to them.

  8. i love your top! i really need one as i was basically bought up listening to the strokes and so they have become my favourite band, julian casablancas just has such an amazing voice and is incredibly beautiful :') i love wearing band tees! i have a foals one from their gig that i went two a few weeks ago and i have a jose vanders top which is overwear! xx

  9. my favourite band t-shirts are my belle and sebastian and los campesinos ones. i like them because they are pretty designs too.

  10. It really doesn't bother me about girls wearing band tops like rolling stones or whatever - how do I know if they've never listened to them?
    Who really cares? ha.

    That tee looks pretty awesome on you! The strokes are so good!

  11. I love your shirt! I personally love band tees, I have a collection of them ranging from Rolling Stones tees from the early 80s and Bob Dylan tees to my new favorite Grizzly Bear tee I got at Coachella. :)

  12. I don't think i've ever heard a song by The Strokes! Though their name is familiar.

    It doesn't bug me too much to see other girls wearing band tshirts unless I know they aren't actually a fan of the band.

    I have lots of Maiden/Metallica/Black Sabbath/etc shirts in my closet from my ~gawth~ days. I do hope I don't get judged when I wear them because I listen to the music even though I don't look too "goth" or "scene" anymore xo

  13. Haha my boyfriend goes mad about people wearing shirts for bands they don't know or like :D I wouldn't wear a shirt for a band I wasn't into - I don't get why anybody would!! I'm happy to hear the strokes have got a new album coming out though - I thought they'd split actually cos I've not heard anything about them for ages - that might just be me being blind though :D

  14. yeeeeeeeeeeessss!! I LOVE THE STROKES! they hold a special squishy part in my heart!!! ♥ and your shirt is marvellous xxx

  15. Your shirt is soooo lovely! very cute on you <3
    No, band shirts ARE NOT TACKY at all! They're totaly fashionable right now

    Marine / another fucking fashionista

  16. haaah so get where your coming from about the metallica etc thing! yours looks like the perfect band tee. has that awesome worn in, vintage, "this is my fave top" look to it :) and the strokes are pretty cool, yeap.

  17. Yeahhh it can be kinda annoying when people where band t-shirts when they've never even listened to the band!
    I am a huuuuge metallica fan so I love wearing my metallica tees out but I've got some from my scene days like Johnny Truant and Killswitch Engage that I usually just wear when I'm at home though haha.
    But yeah it does kinda irritate me when people who clearly know nothing about rock/metal wear those kind of tees just because its "cool" atm. Listen to the band and THEN you can wear it haha!!


  18. when i see 9 year olds wearing 'nirvana' t-shirts, that gets me!! LOVE LOVE LOVE the strokes, what's your favourite track? mine is a toss-up between 'you only live once' and 'reptilia'!! xoxo


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