Photo on 2010-06-11 at 22.20
shirt: ebay

I'm more excited about the fact that my all-time-favourite-band-borderline-obsessive-band-id-most-love-to-see-live-in-the-whole-wide-world-bring-on-the-forth-album The Strokes are playing at the Isle of White festival tonight than the fact the World Cup is on! If you follow me on Twitter expect a string of The Strokes related things! This is my favourite The Strokes top I own, I have two others baseball tops with the standard Strokes logo on in red and black, and then a blue one with the same logo on. I found it randomly on eBay while doing random searches years ago and its been one of my secret wardrobe favorites for years! I wish I was going tonight but I couldn't get just a day ticket, which is a major bummer! Hopefully the new The Strokes album will be out in the next year, And then expect me to be at every date they play in the UK. My boyfriend said he wouldn't come with me to see them because I'd make my "excited face" and wouldn't be able to hold back the tears! Ill probably be crying when I watch it on ITV2 tonight!

Do you have a favourite band t-shirt? Or do you think they are a bit tacky? How do you feel about the overuse of certain band tees on people who don't even like the band on the shirt their wearing? Personally I love wearing band stuff! I do get annoyed when I see girls wearing Metallica or Iron Maiden shirts and having no idea about the band on the shirt! Let me know how feel in the comments!