Photo on 2010-06-13 at 12.55 #2
another photobooth picture, but my cameras packed for my trip!
001. I'm going to London, well I'm actually going to South-End, But anything in that southern area is London to me, later on today so this post is going up much earlier than I normally do them! As per usual I haven't packed a thing yet and I don't know what to wear! I was thinking of just taking one set of clothes because I know Ill be buying things while I'm there! I'm going on the National Express and its going to take like 7 hours, But I don't care! I'm so looking forward to seeing Olivia and spending some time in my favourite city! And I'm also really looking forward to seeing my other friend Jodie because shes amazing!

002. As I'm going away I've written a few posts to go up while I'm away. One is on my daily face makeup (which has been highly requested!), one on maxi dress inspiration and the other is a want post for Boohoo clothing! I really hope they actually post, Because last time I scheduled a few posts they didnt go up. I will have access to the internet so I'll try and get them up in some way! If anyone wants to talk or email me about anything, I'll reply as soon as I can! My email address is or tweet me @llymlrs!

003. Whats your favorite hot drink? I was actually distressed this morning as we had none of my beloved PG Tips teabags left! I had to settle for some "English Breakfast" tea which just isn't as nice. I like my tea extra extra strong, 2 sugars with a tiny splash of milk and not too hot either! I normally leave my teabag in my cup too. As for coffee, I do like it but I don't drink it much at home, If i go to Starbucks or somewhere I'll nomally just order an Americano without milk! What do you like? Tea? Coffee? Other?

004. My blog to follow pick of the week is Dance In the Dark. Leah has interviewed me for her blog which is so sweet! It was so flattering to be asked! It was a really fun thing to do! Shes interviewed a few other great bloggers too and shes doing more soon too! She posted a really cute outfit yesterday too, Which I totally thing she should do more of! Go follow her + check out the interview, Comment the interview too, Let me know what you think! Plus if anyone else wants to interview me or anything just ask!