Monday, April 05, 2010


My friend Olivias over at the moment, Spent the night eating food and watching TV. Photobooth pictures as standard. My friends funeral is tomorrow, but Im hoping to do a outfit of the day before I go. Its a casual funeral and no black, so im going to opt for my brightest most colourful dress.

Hope everyones OK (:



  1. My thoughts are with you for tomorrow. It's nice that it's a casual funeral. For some reason, in my experience at funerals, when you're allowed to wear colours as opposed to just black, it lightens the awful mood & celebrates the life, rather than be in total grief. Keep your chin up, honey.

  2. agree as above, all funerals should be colourful, celebrate a persons life not a lost.My thoughts are with you at this difficult time.
    Hope you and your friend had fun, cant beat a night of munching infront of the tv

  3. I came your blog from CHICTOPIA;] I always love your outfits, and I became follower of your blog! You and your outfits are so cute~!

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