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Went to Birmingham today with my boyfriend, Mainly because the call of Give Me Liberty of London (which went online today, typical!) was too much. I only picked up the Ever Hip lipstick though, Its a lovely creamy coral with a nice coverage, especially since I've got mega pigmented lips and sometimes colors don't actually swatch true. I looked at Perrenial High Style but it reminds me of a lipgloss I have but never wear, Ill probs buy it online soon though.

I also ended up buying Hey & Dazzlelight eyeshadows and back2mac-ing for Please me Lipstick. I wanted Jest and Shroom originally but they were sold out. The Viva Glam Gaga was sold out too. Generally annoying day on the makeup front.

The funeral went really well for those who wanted to know. I managed to get up during the service on the spur of the moment and say something about Joel. I didn't plan anything so it wasn't all that insightful, there is so much id say if I could go back and do it again though. We all gave him a proper send off, and I think we all had the hangovers to prove it! How I managed to drive this morning I really don't know!


  1. I'm glad the funeral went as well as can be expected. And well done for being brave, I can't imagine how difficult that must have been.

    VERY jealous of your mac haul! x

  2. I've always wanted to try MAC but never knew if it was too expensive to actually buy. How much was all of this?

  3. rania- the two eyeshadows and the limited edition lipstick was £36 or so? i think shadows are around 11pound and the lipstick 12.

  4. ^ oh and i forgot to add i got one of the lipsticks for freee for bringing back some empties!

  5. MAC is so expensive here in Australia and im starting to not be able to justify $48 for a dazzleglass!! You got some gorgeous stuff but i have never been into the collections :('s just that the special edition packaging (on anythign really) never captures my attention. Im sure im missing out on a lot. GaGa's lipstick sold out in my MAC as well :( She is so amazing (im wearing her concert t-shirt right now) and i was pretty bummed when they only had Cyndi's left!! I get how makeup can get annoying and frustrating but im glad you picked up some nice goodies.

  6. Jordy, When i was in new zealand last year i bought a few things from MAC and it was ridiculous! i think i paid $130 for three things. i dont know why i even bought the stuff coz it would be less than half the price in the UK. i cant believe how expensive it is down there, coz i thought it was expensive in the UK.

  7. i love the packaging for this collection :)

    glad to hear the funeral went well. xo


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