Ive recently decided that I want to invest in a new digital camera. After a long search and umming and ahhing over a billion different makes, Ive decided on a Canon 1000d. I mainly need a camera for my outfits of the day, use in my work at university and just general picture taking. I think the Canon comes out on top from what I've seen.

I was going to wait until my student loan comes in before buying but as I think I'm going to get one via eBay I've decided to be on the lookout from now. I just narrowly missed out on one off eBay for £260 including a ton of accessories, I actually missed out by 56p. The Canon 1000d in shops is going for around £369. I'm not too worried about buying second hand, As long as it works I'm cool with it all! Id rather save £100 and get some extra bits too!

So if I get this cameras within the next few weeks, expect about a billion and one images of my life to be coming soon! Im really excited! I love buying presents for myself.

I'm still gathering bits and bobs for my 300 follower giveaway, I want something really cool and cute, and something that really speaks about what my aesthetics and blog are about. Its gonna be a bit of a epic giveaway too seeing as I just love giving things away, Especially presents. I'm well known for my Birthday giftboxes!