playsuit: topshop
coat: primark
rings: acessorize and new look

Sorry I’ve been so MIA recently, Today was lovely and sunny, although I didn’t get to enjoy it thanks to having to work all day. This is probably about as summery as I get though. I’m one of those people who wears the same things all year round, just plus or minus tights and with or without a coat. Playsuit’s don’t generally suit me, I’m a bit middle heavy so the proportions don’t seem to work that well, And seeing as i bought this on a whim purely because I decided I needed playsuit, it aint too bad.

You can really see the difference in color at the bottom of my hair, Its so light compared to the rest. I like to think its inspired by Alexa Chung but its really just lazy-ness and not wanting to dye my hair or get it cut.

Sorry you guys have to put up with my crappy pics, I dunno whats wrong with my current camera it makes everything look so funky and pixelated no matter what setting I put it on. Ive tried changing every setting but no joy. I think it could be broken to be fair. So fingers crossed all the camera I'm bidding on while I type worms its way into my life ASAP. KTHANXBAI