shirt: vintage
cardigan: primark
playsuit: H&M
rings: primark

I've been eyeing up one of those Pussybow neck blouses that we currently have in stock in New Look. The sheerness gets me though, I tend to avoid sheer things because I never know really what to wear underneath things! As much as I'd love the confidence to just wear a bralet or something under it I just cant! I just threw on this H&M playsuit that I tend to wear for layering all the time! I need some black shorts, I really like these twill ones again from New Look (Working there exposes you to so all of the nice pieces!) But I tried them on the other day and they didnt look right, I think I want some really baggy droopy kinda puffy looking ones. Im thinking really old fashioned tudor stylee puffy. Does anyone get what I mean or am I just dreaming about something unobtainable?

I'm probably the only blogger in the UK who hasn't indulged in the Models Own 50% off sale (The codes FACEBOOK50), Despite actually saying I wanted stuff from there. I've got till midnight to decide which shades I want/need. Someone enable me!

Todays my day off "YAYYY"! So I've done nothing what so ever. Although drinking lots of tea, stopping people faking me on teenspot, replying to emails and online shopping! I'm definitely going to the gym at some point today probably right after I post this actually! I haven't been working out half as much as Id like to be! I might lighten my ends of my hair again tonight if I can be bothered to run to town before the shops close! They are quite blonde, but I'm wanting more of a Drew Barrymore fade compared to a lighter one like I currently have!

Oh, And a note, I've had some issues with blog "copying" recently. I really don't care if you do copy my clothes or my style, if you copy & paste my content or ideas then that's another story! well with my ideas, you can use them, as long as you credit! Feel free to use some of my blog features ideas but just say y'know! Credit where credits due! I emailed one of them and their response was totally rude and defensive, and I was honestly a little pissed off. On one hand I think yeah being inspired by someones outfit, yeah cool. Hey,I am all the time. But I always try and put my own stamp on it! Anyway the moral of this story is, Try and make things your own! well even if you are going to copy, how about just saying on this was inspired/borrowed from Lily @ LLYMLRS, rather than go through people calling you out?