001. How is everyone today? Im good, Nice to catch up on some sleep! I went shopping this morning on my own (I hardly ever do this!) I was supposed to be getting Ivor a birthday present but ended up buying loads for myself, although about 60% of it is going back as I just regret buying somethings ie. Primark dresses which are too long for me!

002. I'm so so so so so so behind on my emails, Like some of them are seriously about a week without any reply. I promise if you've mailed me I will try and get back to you. Some of you send me such long emails I really want to settle down and read them and give them a proper response so they normally take alot longer! I will try today and get things replied to! I try to get back to PR related ones first, then the ones that can be answered quickly, then the longer ones and then the interviews!

003. Next week I've got planned a twist on the standard monthly favorites tag, Im hoping to do a how they wore column as well as revealing a little about my new blogging project which is basically about bloggers answering current fashion issues and blogging topics! Also If anyone has suggestions for the how they wore columns leave them in the comments or drop me a email, Like if you have something and your not quite sure how to wear it (I was going to go with shearling jackets, but other suggestions are welcome!)

004. Spending my weekend watching Reading and Leeds Highlights. Sometimes I forget how much I love some bands. Watching NOFX highlights is making me fangirl so much over Fat Mike, Its not that hes even sexy, hes just a blimmin' cool guy! My other weird crush is Josh Homme from Queens of the Stonage, Hes a sexysexy man! Had a little fangirl cry over The Libertines (my old favourite band!) as well as loving Arcade Fire so much! Tonight I will probs be getting over excited about Blink182 + Weezer (one of my current favourite bands, My friend Greg rang me from their Leeds set!), Although seeing a Blink 182 reform may be really weird, I dunno but it doesnt feel "right" if your a fan on Blink182 you may get what I mean!

005. A little big of bloglovin' this week. Three to Follow: Quite Quaint such a cute little blog & Im loving her new outfit photo style! Kim's blog who I actually know IRL & Fashion Sterotype, Her style reminds me so much of my own, and her blogs really great!