what makes him act so bad


playsuit: primark
blazer: topshop
ring: H&M
necklace: zara taylor
lipstick: MAC viva glam gaga

Its Ivors birthday tomorrow, but were going out tonight as He wants to do his own things tomorrow. So hopefully (If he texts me back in time!) were going to Nandos and seeing Scott Pilgram vs The World! Any Nandos fans out there? I always have Chicken Pitta Medium Hot with Sweet Potato mash, So good! Seeing as were doing nothing special, I just threw on a playsuit, which I bought yesterday and thought was a dress, But its super cute as a playsuit too so it wins, as well as my trusty blazer from Topshop. I'm still embracing the middle part, my hair is starting to learn how to stay like it, But I keep unconsciously moving my hair back to its side part when I swoosh my hair around!

Having some serious envy issues over everyone's Models Own hauls! I didn't end up buying in the end as I was finding it too stressful trying to choose some! Im actually pretty gutted! Oh well you win some you loose some. I haven't actually done my nails in a few days, My nails are so ruined from back when I had acrylics, and then to keep changing my press on nails its just made them really thin and rubbish.

Last night Rivers from Weezer tweeted me and I honestly nearly wet myself. Im so gutted that Weezer delcined to be filmed at Reading and Leeds festival, Big love to Greg for ringing me during it so I could enjoy it! The only other "famous" person to tweet me was that guy, Orlando, From the Gap Yah video. Haha. I also hit over 1,000 followers on my Twitter yesterday! Thanks everyone, Y'all to sweet! Im a bit of a twitter addict so I tweet all the time, and reply to most tweets, so come chat!


  1. that playsuit is amazing:),what a cute little necklace hehe!i love nandos,i always order medium hot chicken and peri peri chips..mm i feel the need to go!:),have a nice time!xx

  2. I'm a nando's fan! I'm vegetarian and usually get either a veggie wrap or veggie pitta. Never tried the sweet potato mash, might have to though as I looove sweet potato!
    I didn't make use of the models own sale either, and am kicking myself :( We have a kiosk in my local boots, and get offers on the nail polishes, but 50% off woulda been better! Ah well, maybe next time...
    Love the playsuit, so pretty. I need to get myself to primark!

  3. I have that playsuit - love it! You look gorgeous :)

  4. you look gorgeous! i always get the same thing at nandos as well, so boring! i get a chicken pitta hot with peas and chips with peri peri salt... i absolutely LOVE nandos!! add me back on twitter! http://www.twitter.com/thomassenland
    have fun tonight!

    Adele xo

  5. I missed out on the Models Own 50% too....but it's 2 for £8 in Boots at the moment!

    Gorgeous outfit, your skin looks flawless as always. And that necklace is beautiful

    T x

  6. I really LOVE the playsuit!
    Im addicted to nandos, medium chicken wrap and spicy rice for me:)
    belle xxxx

  7. I didn't get anything from the Models Own sale either, I tried to make my order on 3 different days and just gave up in the end and went shopping with the money I would have spent hehe. Viva Glam Gaga looks gorgeous on you by the way! As does the playsuit :) xx

  8. Gorgeous playsuit! I tried this on and it was way too long for me ): Mmm Nando's is my absolute love, Medium Chicken Burger and coleslaw for me! I indulged in Models Own despite having received all of the Eyeko polish collection at work - oopsie, helllllo 20+ polishes in a week! xx

  9. Lily, I don't know what you might think of this but I love the way you do your make up, so It would be great for us makeup lovers that when you do an outfit post, you make a close up picture of your eye make up and describe very lightly what products you are wearing.

    Thanks, love your blog and your style!!

    Sandra xx

  10. Hello sweetie :) I've just been told on twitter that you recommended my blog - thank you so much! I live yours, only found it recently but I'm addicted. This playsuit looks beaut on you, I've tried it on a couple of times but it just doesn't suit me. Love the centre parting, also wish I could pull that off! A massive fan of nandos too, on nom nom. Hope you and Ivor are ok :)

    Fashion Stereotype

  11. I wish I had the legs to go legging-less with things. The playsuit is lovely.
    Have a good night tonight.

  12. Love the outfit, happy birthday to ivor its my 20th today! Necklace is adorable, I have a fascination for harmonicas, reminds me of my late uncle god rest his soul.

  13. Scott Pilgrim is SO good!


  14. aww.. what a cute playsuit!! you look really good in it ;)

  15. I saw Weezer at Reading yesterday - bloody amazing. Seriously.
    It would be mine
    Shame my Primark decides to only stock the chav-esque clothes. Unlike this playsuit, but also Primark is getting too expensive for me anyway :s

  16. love the necklace i have been wanting to find a harmonica one just like that but in a larger size. And I actually don't own any playsuits are rompers but that one is so cute that i am really considering buying one or two...or three for fall time!

  17. I think your middle parting looks stunning, and to be honest, makes you look older :) which is great, as you can still wear playful things, but not look too young.

    Love your blog, love your posts and have a great night tonight!! kisses xxxx

  18. Love that playsuit, you really pull it off well! I didn't order anything from model's own either, but ka sera sera as they say!

    Stacey xx

  19. my friend bought this playsuit a couple weeks ago, it looked great on her, as it does on you, and the lipstick is lush, id never have the courage to wear it though,ahha,
    i love this blog, mann :)
    i can read it all the way through it doesnt try to be something its not and isnt too overthought, like some other blogs, you just 'tell it like it is', which is bloody awesoomee, wooo

    ive gone on for long enough now,

    Chantelle, :D

  20. I didn't buy anything from Model's Own either. I completely forgot about it so I'm devastated and very jealous of everyone else's lovely purchases. :(

    Simon Cowell tweeted me once. :P I have Lady Gaga's boyfriend and little sister following me so I'm pretty chuffed about that. :D x


  21. I love that playsuit- supercute :]

  22. you always look so good in your outfits, i'm jealous :D :* nice blog, love to read it! :* http://minettebrunette.blogspot.com/

  23. Ha I bought that playsuit and thought it was a dress as well haha :)
    The middle parting really suits you.

  24. i love nandos! pixie lott has a nandos card because she is famous, it means she gets free nandos i think. i'm a vegetarian though so i have mash potato and chips, mmm i love it.
    that playsuit is really pretty by the way, i saw it in store and thought it was gross but it looks really good on you.

  25. That playsuit is gorgeous :) I hope you have a good evening :)

    L x
    Half Dressed

  26. I absolutely love it.

    All of your outfits are always so perfect!

  27. Looking an absolute beauty as usual!
    I got back from Reading Fest today and oh my gosh, Weezer were bloody fantastic! I had no idea about the no filming thing, odd odd odd! They even covered a bit of Gaga and MGMT! x

  28. happy bday ivor!! :) love the playsuit! congrats on 1000 followers on twitter! well 1001 now as im now following you too! x

  29. I'm really looking forward to seeing scott pilgrim too! I share your love of Michael Cera, haha. Youth in revolt is one of my favourite films, & it's all him.
    Love that playsuit too, the pattern is so cute. You look great!
    Kyrie x


  30. Looking gorgeous here! Love the playsuit and you rock Viva Glam Gaga :) x

  31. Love the playsuit! I need to go to primark soon, i'm hoping they have their autumn/winter clothes in now as i need the snowflake cardi/jacket. Have you been recently and noticed any of the range? x

  32. I have this playsuit too, it's lovely but do you find it is indecently short? I can't bend over in mine I have to do 'lady bending' when you sort of squat down. I don't know what very tall girls would do who bought it.


  33. ooooh gosssshhhh. I have that necklace! Have been annoying my friends by constantly attempting to play it!

    Love your outfit, and yay for Nandos and Scott Pilgrim!

  34. lily you are always soooo gorgeous, i love the playsuit- you are my primark icon because you always makes everything you buy from there look so expensive and amazing, love this look, esp with the blazer!

  35. Love that playsuit! I never really bother with Primark because every time I go in it's just too crazy, but you always seem to find such fab stuff, I may have to give it another go! xxx

  36. Your outfits have hit a new level of lovely recently I've noticed. how do I never, ever find such hidden gems in Primarni!? I'm trying to get into twitter, but I just don't get it! Might try and get some conversation going, could be good, could be embarrassing, we shall wait and see. X


  37. I'd KILL for a Nandos right now. My favourite is a chicken pitta or wrap in hot, with chilli jam, & spicy rice or sweet potato mash. I like to change my mind a lot, haha! I'm only three away on my Nandos card from getting a full chicken, it's going to be a feast!

    That playsuit is an absolute winner, love seeing your new bits & pieces.

  38. Love the playsuit!! I'll go to primark to looking for one!! Kisses from Spain!

  39. That playsuit is gorgeous! I'm definitely on the hunt for it! x

  40. That playsuit is so pretty. I swear you always find the best buys in Primark. x


  41. OMGosh! love the playsuit, fits you well!
    i really need to go to primark!! mine has like the BIGGEST end of season sale ATM!! ill pick up some snazzy playsuits and dresses and then ill be happy :)
    HUGS&KISSES! xxx love phoebe

  42. My god you've got a nice set of pins! You look lovely in this playsuit, I really like the print, looks great with the blazer.
    The centre parting really suits you, I tried it out so many times before getting my fringe but my hair refused to sit right.
    Thanks for the lovely words you posted about my blog yesterday, very sweet of you x

  43. Love Nandos! Your make-up looks lovely, great ourfit too! x

  44. hi there
    i really love your blog and your style! it fits perfect
    you look so friendly and i think you´re such nice girl :)
    best wishes from germany

    ps. the playsuit is awesome !!!

  45. Gonna be checking out the playsuits next time i'm in Primark, this one is gorgeous! Primark will be the only shop within my budget when i'm back at uni too, sighhh! My optician speaks EXACTLY like the Gap Ya man.. wonder if he's ever visited Pera? Love your blog!

  46. Love the pattern of the playsuit!
    You look really good with a centre part! It seems as if not many people can pull off a centre part, but yours looks amazing on you. I've been dying to try it out, but I have yet to find the courage to do it!

    The viva glam gaga also looks gorgeous on you (:


  47. Dope Blog!
    Be sure to follow mine at tuxandtie.blogspot.com and on twitter at tuxandtie

  48. Ack, love your romper! And oh man, Scott Pilgrim is so good! I hope you like it!

  49. what a nice surprise. (playsuit instead of dress...) hope you enjoyed your evening. scott pilgrim looks r.good. xoxo avs

  50. I had never heard of Gap Yah! Thanks for linking, it was so funny!

    Uber cute playsuit btw. I cant wait for summer when I can rock heaps of those.

  51. Pretty gal :) Did you read my last comment about that person on ebay using one of your pictures? Haha unless I'm being silly and its you... but I dont think it is! Why did they refuse to be filmed? Gutted :( Cant believe he tweeted you! Thats awesome. Weezer make my wee heart melt :) xx

  52. i always have a 1/4 of chicken - medium. with coleslaw & chips !
    love the pitta starters too !
    Your lashes look fab here & that lipstick really suits you !

  53. That is the cutest little necklace ever! I just discovered your blog and I love it!

  54. I love your blog...so much..:-) Good luck.. and can you add some videos ? thx xD

  55. That playsuit is so cute! I always have sweet potato mash at Nando's :)

  56. your makeup is gorgeous! the lipstick goes beautifully with your eyes! i love your blog, you're always so inspiring!

  57. I absolutly adore the stuff you find in primark! how do you find such amazing stuff???! once again i luvvve your make-up. you are gorgeous! XXXXXX

  58. love the playsuit! love your blog :)

    Jess from Taiwan.

  59. i've gotta check out primark for that playsuit!!

    gem x

  60. Oh, I love this outfit - it's definitely my kind of thing! And you're such a beauty :) xxx

  61. Absolutely adore your Primark playsuit! It's absolutely gorgeous! Just found your blog tonight, now off to read all your archived posts!


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