dress: topshop
cardigan: new look
necklace: zara taylor
nails: stargazer 504 + barry m 294 + leopard nails tutorial

Blaaah Im crazy tired today, I don't think Ive gone to sleep before 3am for the last week, Getting up early for work and university has really been a chore! God bless makeup because my skins awful, really dry and red! I have the worst under eye circles known to man, I really need a good concealer but Im yet to find one I really like! Today I enroled at my university, and for the third year in a row Ive come back without a photcopying/ID card! They did however have some free glue sticks (!!) which I happily took a few of!

Bought a new notebook and a large selection of pens, For the first time in ages Im excited about drawing and doing art again! I get often asked why I don't do art on here anymore, and its simply because I lost my love for it, I had no inspiration, No desire, Who knows what the future may hold though, It may return in drips and drabs! I am going to start doing "Week in photos" probably on a Saturday, This weeks probably isnt going to be that long as I havent done much, But I know how much people liked my other photopost!

Rocking another lacey dress in that burnt out orange colour! I bought this when I went to Topshop last week, Alot of their things have caught my eye this past month, I'm trying to be good, but sometimes you have to give into the blatantly overpriced, but hella beautiful clothes! I bought this duffle cape this week and it came in the post today, and its hideous on me. I've decided that the cape trend really doesn't work for me, I was going to do a Keep or Return on it, but I was able to decide myself, and some critisism from my mother "you look like little red riding hood and paddington bears love child!" (Personally I think they would make a cute baby!) aided my decision to send it back. Id love to be able to wear a cape, But I really dont think they are me! At least that's another item that can go on the list of clothing I cant wear, Alongside maxi dresses and jeggings!

PS. The cardigan is old stock New Look, Like two years old!