dress: topshop
cardigan: primark
boots: new look
rings: primark

Thanks so much for all your help with the last post! Seriously guys its helped me so much! I've already started drawing ideas for the final piece! Its so fun looking at what you guys love and hate, because I hate some of the obscure and "petty" things too! I don't think I say this enough but thank you so much for choosing to follow me, I never expected the blog to get as good as response as I get, Its overwhelming looking at my daily traffic and seeing my followers go up and up! I read every comment and although I don't reply to many of them, I WISH blogger had a better reply to comments system, they mean so much to me, just to know all my effort I put in for myself, the blog and you guys is worth it! Each and everyone of you means so much to me, gah I'm getting sappy but LOVE YOU GUYZZZ!

I bought this tunic from Topshop a few weeks ago when I bought the orange dress, but I couldn't decide if if it looked good on me or not, I find it a tad matronly, I feel very... prude? I dunno, I find it weird wearing high necked and long sleeved things! To balance this out I opted for 20 den tights (I get all my tights from Primark!) and my favourite The Horrors stylee boots! The tunic now comes in every autumn/winter colour imaginable! Im liking the white with the black collar the best, although my fingers are crossed for a inverted colourway, So I can continue channeling Wednesday Adams!