Sorry for no outfit post today, I ws going to do one, but it just wasn't working! Sometimes its hard to photograph specific outfits, and today was a prime example of it! I looked really frumpy and tubby so decided to delete! I've had a bit of a poo 24 hours, I broke my TV during Xfactor trying to find some paperwork for my student loan, I woke up late, rushed to get ready, got stuck in traffic and it messed my whole day up and to make things worse I've lost my phone AGAIN. Ugh, Its still on, and I think I may have just left it in the bathroom at university (So I'm hoping someones handed it in!) But yeah, I'm feeling super duper crap at the moment! I could really do without having to fork out for ANOTHER phone and a TV this month!

But ANYWAY, I need some help with my university project. Its based on love and hate, and Id like to know what you love and hate. Preferably weird, funny or silly little things that annoy you or make you happy. Little obscure things that get on your nerves or make you smile! Like fun interests (like my love of professional wrestling!) or you hate it when people clank cutlery against their teeth! Or "I hate it when your about to say something and Kanye West interrupts you..." I want really silly and interesting ones, so that I can produce some good material based on them! I'm hoping to illustrate them and make a proper book with all the best ones, I might even do some postcards! I will post what comes of the project in here, so any input will be credited, and Id be happy to send your a piece of my final artwork on your love or hate once if I choose yours! Thank you so much in advance!

PS. I am still going through all the giveaway entries, I will put the winner up during the week!