love and hate help!

Sorry for no outfit post today, I ws going to do one, but it just wasn't working! Sometimes its hard to photograph specific outfits, and today was a prime example of it! I looked really frumpy and tubby so decided to delete! I've had a bit of a poo 24 hours, I broke my TV during Xfactor trying to find some paperwork for my student loan, I woke up late, rushed to get ready, got stuck in traffic and it messed my whole day up and to make things worse I've lost my phone AGAIN. Ugh, Its still on, and I think I may have just left it in the bathroom at university (So I'm hoping someones handed it in!) But yeah, I'm feeling super duper crap at the moment! I could really do without having to fork out for ANOTHER phone and a TV this month!

But ANYWAY, I need some help with my university project. Its based on love and hate, and Id like to know what you love and hate. Preferably weird, funny or silly little things that annoy you or make you happy. Little obscure things that get on your nerves or make you smile! Like fun interests (like my love of professional wrestling!) or you hate it when people clank cutlery against their teeth! Or "I hate it when your about to say something and Kanye West interrupts you..." I want really silly and interesting ones, so that I can produce some good material based on them! I'm hoping to illustrate them and make a proper book with all the best ones, I might even do some postcards! I will post what comes of the project in here, so any input will be credited, and Id be happy to send your a piece of my final artwork on your love or hate once if I choose yours! Thank you so much in advance!

PS. I am still going through all the giveaway entries, I will put the winner up during the week!


  1. Hope these help you a little; LOVES - my boyfriend, kawfee, shopping, shiny things, cinnamon buns, being vegan, the earth, my family, pink things, my ipod touch, red nail polish, big over the top rings, chunky necklaces, paris, the french language, perfume, laughing, bunnies, kittens, baths, summer nights, lipbalm, geeks, friday nights, saturday nights, cuddles, dancing, receiving things in the post, first kisses, cakes, nissan micras, parks, southend doughnuts, Amber, xoxo

  2. Ohhh i hope you get your phone back!! There are so nice peeps out there :)

    Love: that first cup of tea in the morning, waking up in the middle of the night to a text msg, getting to the checkout to find something is cheaper than you thought.

    Hate: people stopping in the middle of shopping isles with their trollies, foundation on peoples lips, paying for uni stuff you dont have a choice about.

  3. I hope you get your phone back,

    I love: my boyfriend, anything that's purple, mango passionfruit frappachinos but with a dash of raspberry and no tea.

    I hate: being called 'hun' long queues, the word moist and tv adverts.


  4. i totally HATE it when somebody smacks while i'm eating!

    (and i LOVE your blog ;D)

  5. Love: OWLS! Why wouldn't you? They're just cool and cute and make good jewellery.
    And the word LOL (see also: lolcakes, lollers, actual lol).

    Hate: Chavs playing music on their phones on public transport. Oh go away you walking tracksuit.

  6. I hate it when I forget my door keys and 'Alohomora' just doesn't cut it!

  7. love? drinking coke from glass bottles, lusting over clothes i'll never be able to afford, cute texts, bargain jewellery, getting excited about buying new things, knowing that someone is always gonna be there for me, having no schoolwork to do, good hair days, good face days, good clothes days.

    hate? low battery! being busy with uninteresting things, not having enough money for something, nasty people, bad hair days, bad face days & bad clothes days!

  8. Ooh, this is an awesome project. My loves: smiles from sweet strangers,david attenborough's voicebox, bowie's mullet in labyrinth, rum, snoop dogg, good old fashioned please and thankyous, the chuckle brothers (they should be a staple in anyone's diet), men that wear tweed.

    things i hate: kate nash. that's all.

  9. not sure if it would be any help. but the things i love are cold winter evenings infront of a fire, Mumford and son's main singers moustache, Lorrell and hardy, good old english tea
    my hates are, the texture of mushrooms, annoying children, people who love themselves too much, and..foxes! i hate foxes

  10. Loves/things that make me happy: birdcages, clothing sales, getting mail, new nail polish, the smell of cold weather.

    Hates/things that annoy me: onions, smudging my nail polish, people who go under the speed limit, doing laundry.

  11. I love it when i see someone trip over the curb and they look at the curb in disgust.

    I hate it when your walking down the street and you realise you have gone the wrong way and you can't turn around because everybody knows you just went the wrong way.

  12. Hate -
    people being so impatient in queues ,like they cant wait for a minute
    Hate it wen u have something to say tip of the tongue cant get it out lol, and its rele relevant

    wen people hav labels sticking out i hav to tuck them in , maybe thats good thing
    Hate smell of fake tan
    worst thing i hate walking around swimming pools i have to tip toe makes me cringe thinking bout it

    love it wen u think its a monday morning get up to alarm, but rele its saturday and the feelin of extra few hours
    red lipstick in winter, sums up winter
    love it wen i complete a book

  13. Sorry to hear about everything that happened today.

    I love: the cold side of the pillow, 'just because' moments, and wearing too many gold necklaces.

    I hate: that my pants never match my bra, that I can only even consume an inch of coffee, and people with bad manners.


  14. I LOVE... being far away from home and smelling my mum's or dad's smell. you know? that smell of your parents. the smell your home smells like. i love that. especially the short seconds of recognizing it.

    I HATE... when i have to sneeze (the feeling when it tickles in your nose) but in the end, nothing happens.

    I really hope that's funny enough. I tried to write down the most uncommon things i love/hate.

    Your blog is great. You're such an inspiration for me. Really. Thanks.

  15. love:
    little fluffy clouds especially pink ones!
    when my dog barks in excitment for a treat
    kicking leaves

    being told to wash up when i would do it anyway
    people whistling at me in the street
    my alarm waking me up

  16. Love - the cold side of a pillow, dancing in the rain, crying with laughter, my boyfriend, new clothes, the smell of a new book, smell of baking.

    Hate - people chewing their food loudly and eating with their mouths open, standing in puddles with ballet pumps on, people who scrap the fork against their teeth, rude people,

    such an awesome uni project, i hope i help =) x

  17. I LOVE: (1)that quiet, non speaking kid but smiles a lot at corny jokes in 6th grade who turned out to be my boyfriend after ten years. (2) My dog Brasca and her hyperness. (3) Cute little notebooks that I don't write on after signing the first page. (4)Smell of old books and cabinets. (5) Smell of mornings.

    I HATE: (1)Birds, chickens, and their whole genus. (2)Swimming pools because water is not my element and I can't swim. (3)Shampoo tv commercials on getting beautiful, straight, shiny hair...what about for curly gals like me (4) MATH!


  18. love: cake(!), polaroid cameras, high heels, foxes, pin up girls and milkshakes.

    Hate: when i can't find my remote control, my ipod, my keys and my phone! and oh - i hate when my friend tickles me while i'm drinking a bottle of water. quite charming.

  19. I LOVE the smell of freshly cut grass, the feeling of really smooth nail varnish on my finger nails and popping bubble wrap

    I dont like tieing up balloons, the feel of chalk and blunt pencils.

    Hope this helped :)


  20. love: cuddles from my cat, dancing when the clubs play your fave track, the thrill of many shopping bags!

    hates: money.

  21. i love - positive people, the smell of magazines, after shopping and looking at everything you bought, chunky jewellery and people with unique style (like you)and NYC :)

    i hate - negative people :P, people walking behind directly behind me on the street, people who chew really really loudly and losing things :/

  22. I knew that in deepest darkest unused Myspace I'd written a massive, epic long thing about things I love years ago (back when it was SO the scene to be in)... so... hope this helps! (Yes it's long, but it's 2006, it's VINTAGE!)

  23. My best friend just graduated from uni in Grahpic Design and he made a little book called Adore/Despise (I think? He wanted something slightly different to the love/hate thing) His book is really good I could see if he has any shots of it - could be good for a bit of research?

  24. everything i love seems cliche (teacups, well presented food, sushi, disney) but the thing i 'hate' are cards (birthday, anniversary, etc) they're for people who can't express their feelings & need a common, empty verse in an attempt to express them (odd i know).

  25. i love words. my favourite words are; lovely, ocean, serendipity, adieu, mist, stardust, eloquence, epiphany, felicity, love, silk, breeze, dandelion, cream, ambience, chateau, exuberance, persnickety, plethora, lush, euphoria, rutabaga, wanderlust, purr, chartreuse, rose, debauchery, dapper.

  26. this is such a cute project.

    I love:
    people with braces that smile, walking around the supermarket, making my own clothes, boys that smell nice, long curly hair, felling glamorous, seldging in winter, hot chocolate, sitting in the common room with my friends, making cakes that don't look like cakes, i love all the things i love

    I hate;
    people that chew loudly, bad manners, when i forget what i'm going to say, being wrong, being short, chipped nail varnish.

  27. Hate: noisy eaters, slow people who walk in front of me, the scratchy sound on a chalk board!, when i put down my phone then literally 2 secs later cannot for the life of me remember where i put it!, silly pop ups! - bad internet!

    love: quoting films/tv programs, fun nicknames, yorkshire puds with an ocean of gravy! how i met your mother, 90s pop music 8-) ahah

    hope that helps! xx

  28. Love: picking scabs, manly shoes, pandas, triangles, washing my hair once a week and it not getting greasy in between, rings, sucking my thumb

    Hate: the feel of satin, the fluttering on moths wings, nuts(not mens ;)), jeans, seeing people with a camel toe.

  29. Helloo, sounds like a fun task! Love your blog btw :)
    Love: Trashy TV like Big Brother and "documentaries" on stupid celebs. Finding really good clothes in sales. Listening to songs on repeat because you can't get them out of your head. The feeling when you've finished a piece of important work.
    Hate: Bullies- just because they're jealous. When people don't know the difference between your, you're/ their, there and they're :@
    Hope that helped :D

  30. okay, i'll try to say it in english.
    i really love the sound fresh toasted bred makes when you put two slabs together.
    i hope you understand what i tried to say ;)

  31. I LOVE it when something unexpected happens (for example: my friends and I have this blog and we all met cause we loved the same band. On the exact date that the blog existed two years, we were at this gig and afterwards the dj suddenly played our favourite song of that band and we all jumped up and danced like crazy people.

    I HATE it when butterflies attack me, maybe attack isn't the right word :).

  32. I hate it when someone licks my face- wierd I know but gross, I hate feet and being too hot or too cold,I hate the sound of mash potato amd milk sqelching together when you push down on the potato masher (I already posted that on Twitter but had a few more). I hate it when something really funny happens and people give you dirty looks for laughing about it!

    I love lazy Sundays, I love when my pet rabbit yawns whilst he's stretching and I can see his little teeth, I love being by the ocean- it makes me feel alive and for just a brief moment the world stands still as I marvel at it's beauty!

    Hope that helps :]

  33. LOVE: That warm air that hits you as soon as you step off the plane abroad, christmas eve, looking at autumn leaves, fresh clean sheets, warm towels when you get out the bath, finding your fave food is on offer.

    HATE: Birds, people who chew their food loudly, people who stop in front of you in the middle of the friggin street, chipping my nail varnish, laddering my tights, losing my keys, being sick, being tired, bad hair days, having bad skin and my father.


  34. i HATE how carpet feels under my feet or hands or any inch of skin
    i HATE running to catch the tram or train or bus

    i LOVE the feeling of my feet in the air, like when lying on the back or riding a rollercoaster
    i LOVE remembering my dreams no matter how freaky creepy weird they are
    i LOVE how pipe smoke smells
    i LOVE how my roommate leaves funny notes on our kitchen tiles. i prefer talking food.

  35. i lurrrrve;
    - when you wake up and the sun is shining.
    - Coffee, 3 sugars.
    - Surprises
    - Birthdays!
    - Bugs, up close. (preferably behind a glass screen)
    - LLYMLRS blog.
    - Youtube.
    - Freshly ironed clothes.
    - Bargains!
    - My boyfriends 'forehead kiss' :)

    i hate;
    - people who chew really loudly, or seem to be completely unable to breathe whilst eating.
    - When a really cute dog comes up to you so you stroke it, and then it bites you.
    - When people decide to suddenly stop when you're walking behind.
    - When you go to buy a lipstick, try the tester, pick up the lipstick from behind, buy it, then realise someone put it back in the wrong place and that you have green lipstick instead of baby pink.

    Hope this helped.. and i also hopw that you get your blackberry back!


  36. so glad you are posting your little illustrations again, sorry to hear about the phone and tv, :}

    love - my mum

    hate - cant think of one, itll come to me :}

  37. I like it when other people brush my hair and I like to gargle mouthwash quite a lot.

    I dislike putting my feet on the cold stone floors and I hate the sound of the knife(fork/spoon) tapping on the side of a glass when somebody wants to make a toast.

    I'm a strange person, please don't hate me!

    Oh, and I really dislike text speak. Innit.

  38. I love holographic fings, never being able to do a normal serious face in friends' photos and twirling my hair around my fingers like fine spun silk

    I hate mouldy peaches and gherkins and kappa tracksuits.

  39. owls (if you watch phoneshop on e4 you'll get that)

    I hate it're with MC Hammer and he won't let you touch anything (Can't touch this).

    I hate trying to sleep and hearing traffic...
    I love going to the movies...

  40. ALSO, i love quoting Trainspotting, partly because I am Scottish and it's shuuuper duper fun

  41. LOVE
    -the first snow day of winter.
    -the first sunny day of summer.
    -coming home and being excitedly greeted by your dog, no matter how much of a bad mood your in.
    -birthdays and christmas (who doesnt)?
    -doing something nice for some
    one, and making then smile.
    -simple nice gestures, like someone holding a door for you.

    -people going through my things
    -people stealing things like your phone then doing the whole 'have you checked your texts lately' thing.
    -two-faced people

  42. This is a great post!

    I love cuddle sessions, warm clothes just out of the dryer, and compliments when you feel you're looking your worst.

    I hate tea gone cold, over-drafting from your bank account, and poor grammar.

  43. Love- going to a shop that sells dinky ornaments and picking them up and putting them back down again; watching the colours change as you pour milk in tea, odd numbers, that feeling after just cleaning a room, using something brand new, graffiti, old clothes that remind you of the first time you wore them, spaghetti hoops+smileyfaces+the food you'd get in the cantine in primary school, foreign accents, laughing so hard you cry, the hillarity of the harry potter books when you change the word "wand" to "willy", funny facebook groups,

    Hate- when people are rude to their parents, arrogance, even numbers, people who are walking r-e-a-l-l-y slowly in front of you, people who breathe r-e-a-l-l-y loudly,when people tell you you look like your dad (if you're a girl),obsessive fans of commercial things like Twilight, technology that you can't understand, when hair gets stuck in lipgloss, when hair gets caught in mascara...could go on. hope this helps!

  44. I love when you realise you're walking in time to the beat in your headphones.

    I hate it when rings turn my fingers green!

  45. I love:
    -coming home from school and literally eating anything and everything in sight
    -my little two year old brother and how he mimicks everything I say
    - my cat trapped in a dog's mind
    -power naps
    - a cold glass of milk and a bacon sarnie :)

    I hate:
    -people who make me cringe so much, I don't even know what to do with myself
    -crossing lines through incorrect work( little bit of ocd)
    -the rain; it ruins everything
    -not having any $$'s in the bank :(
    -my mum telling me not to eat everything in the house!

  46. Oooh my brother did this at 'Kingston Uni', don't know if you go there? But he chose very strange loves and hates that you definitely wouldn't think of, definitely a time to think outside the box! x

  47. I hate it when you're with The Real Slim Shady and he keeps standing up


  48. LOVE:
    - Finding skinny jeans w/the perfect leg length
    - When my ginger kitten curls up next to my head at night
    - Tweeting
    - Peeling grapes with my teeth!
    - Creeping people out when I lick my elbow
    - The Cow & Gate complete care follow on milk advert with the laughing babies
    - The ikea cat advert!
    - Red heads

    - Facebook!
    - Men with hairy backs (ewwww!)
    - Men with excessively hair chests (it's like they've shoved a rug down their shirt, all they need now is a sovereign, a moustache, a cigar and wellah! We have a modern day, real life Ron Burgundy!)
    - People who whine on about how they hate judgemental people then go on to criticise pretty much every person they have direct contact with
    - Ex-boyfriends
    - My inability to drive at the ripe old age of 20 (woe is me)

    Hope a few of these can help you, Lily! I'm a pretty boring person :'-)

  49. what a cool project,

    loves: the way animals answer to their names, asking my 2 year old brother "what does churchill say" and hearing him go 'oooohh yess!', the smell of cocoa butter, toast for every meal of the day, my house smell, the fluff in tumble dryers! haha

    hates: when people Spell Every Word With A Capital, when i think my phones gone off and it totally hasnt :( dissappointment! hair ruining weather, when a teabag breaks, and the feel of cotton wool rubbing on cotton wool- revolting!

  50. i love the fact that for the first time in about three years i can now see the stars thanks to my contact lenses (without lenses they're just a blur or reflections on glasses) and i love when my skin is clear

    and i hate pixie lott because she gets free nandos (yes jealous i'm big enough to admit dat) and the shop "next" because i feel like i don't belong there

  51. i hate the way the new dumbledore sounds irish/scottish when the dumbledore in the books would DEFFINATELY not sound like that :)
    i love the way my boyfriend thinks i look nice when i am clearly unwashed!

    love cat xxx

  52. love- the one brightest star in the sky at night (I call it "grandads star". Cups and cups and cups of tea. my boyfriend when he first wakes up in the morning and makes little cooing noises

    hate - recieving a text and it not being from him... WEN CHAVS TLK LYK DIS. generally chavvy common people get on my nerves. Waiting for my deliveries to turn up! Oh TOPSHOP HURRY UPPP.

  53. love(s): the sound of rain falling on pavement, objects lined up according to height, forks and spoons stacked neatly in their corresponding piles, warm morning hugs (sans smelly breath in your face)

    hate: wet bath towels, people sneezing in close proximity (even when they cover their mouths), clutter, people who talk loudly on the phone (as if the whole world wants to hear their stimulating conversation about a whole lot of NOTHING), dried curled up contact lenses that miss the trash (what is this curly bit of plastic?? old contact lens.)

    sorry about your crumby day! hope this helps at least :)

  54. Really nice blog :) I've been following it for a while now, and I really like it!
    I really love to sit out side on my roof watching stars on a boring Wednesday night and I really like playing piano!

    I hate it when my dog runs away from me in the dog park, and i spend hours looking for him... hmmm


  55. I hate when I'm wearing a strapless bra and it won't stay up!
    I hate when I neeeeed to sneeze but just can't.
    I love Christmas Eve night!

  56. LOVE: waking up thinking you have work, and the weather is miserable, and then realising it's a saturday. Similarly, I love waking up in the middle of the night thinking it's nearly time to get up and it's only like, 1AM. Seeing flowers shooting up in through mass of weeds, the smell of new shoes, Imagining what my hamster would be like if it were human o_O taking 'the perfect' photograph, the smell of old books.

    HATE: My boyfriends breath in the morning (haha sorry J!) waiting around for anything, Chuck Norris jokes, arrogance and snobbery, the fact the people I used to go to school with calling me a grunger because I liked bands with guitars and now they're infesting festivals and listening to rock music because it's the 'in thing' to be doing (major major pet hate), TV adverts (or advertising in general) and when you take a capsule painkiller and cough, and the powder comes up and out your mouth :(

  57. interesting project!

    loves: the way my chinchilla goes all cutesy when i scratch behind his ears, rewatching my sister's keeper over ..and over, arriving at my bus stop just as the hourly bus arrives, waking up in the middle of the night to see i still have hours left to sleeep, when my chickens jump up on the stool whenever i walk past the pen <3

    hates: when people sit the aisle side of the seat on a crowded bus, when my eyeliner smudges after a long day, when it's cold my teeth chatter, when my hair flies everywhere in the wind.. not good!

  58. LOVE, putting pictures on my wall then standing back and looking at them, james corden, jason stathum (UMMMMMM), my friends, driving in the dark listening to stephen fretwell, finding newo, burshing my teeth
    HATE, prawns, people who say 'eya right', vodka, the sound of someone taking something out of the freezer, turkey sausages(VILE), overplayed songs.

    god i could go on forever! :)

  59. I love trashy bbc3 shows, pretty much all meat, seeing somewhere new and inspiring, fitting in things a size too small, finding a bargain.

    I hate seeing chewing gum stuck in random places, being stuck behind the slowest people, failing 3 driving tests, finding unwanted kinks in my hair, being without the internet!

  60. awesome project!!

    love- lying in bed really warm, when the air is freezing cold, staring at the christmas tree at christmas, then crossing your eyes so all you can see is a blur of colours.

    hate- everything being muddy and you can't walk anywhere without your shoes being wet :/

    sorry there's not many, hope it helps :)

  61. LOVE: watching cute boys help women with pushchairs up the stairs at the tube station.

    Giving directions to tourists, it makes me feel useful!


    Posh restaurants and shops that make you feel inferior.

    Forgetting to wash my tights and then running out midweek.

  62. Loves: Irish Dance (i breathe it), discovering treasure and beauty in thrift stores

    Hates: when people stick their fingers in their ears and then look at their finger to see if anything is on it... WHAT COULD BE IN YOUR EAR??? It's just gross.

  63. gosh thats a great brief!
    - running for a bus (and actually catching it)
    - walking in a straight line in a busy crowd and making other people move out of my way.
    - When people can't walk in high heels
    - power cuts

    - Phones ringing on TV
    - anything banana flavoured (but i love bananas)

    hope i helped!

  64. I love when someone I like teases/tickles me.
    I love the combination of shaved legs and clean sheets.
    I love the adrenaline-kick you get when you are excited.
    I love when people appreciate the things I do.
    I love when I hear a nice song in the radio.

    I hate people who practice double standards.
    I hate that I practices double standards too.
    I hate nightmares.
    I hate when people put themselves into embarrassing situations, and you can’t help them out of it.

  65. Love: watching/listening to a band live and realising there 10 times better than you already thought.
    Sunny days, particularly in autumn/winter months.
    When my drunk friends ring me up to sing 'our songs' down the phone.
    Lyrics that are relevant to my mood at the time.
    One Tree Hill.

    Hate: When my cutlery doesn't match.
    Self-centered people.
    Over reactors.
    Seeing people by themselves. I read too much into it.
    The feel of fur jackets and velvet.

    Hope this helps,
    Tasha x

  66. I love it when someone goes out of there way to make you smile.
    My friends asked the waitress to put candles in my desert on my birthday :)

  67. i love the way how cats wash their faces. oh and roller coasters!

    i hate when people make that clicking sound with their tongue ... it's sooo ewwwwww

  68. I love the smell of my pillow (weird.. i know)
    And so i hate it, when i took it with me on vacation for example, and the smell changes.

    I also hate the smell of new cars, but i love the frowsty (not sure if thats the right word) smell basements have sometimes.

    I love cold potatos that were cooked the day before. I'm generally totally into eating food (like noodles or whatever some had for luch or dinner) cold.

    I guess there are a lot more weird things i love or hate, but that should be enough ;) i'm really looking forward to what you are going to make all of those loves and hates :)

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  70. I love soft kisses in morning, sunday night's home-made pizza with my boyfriend cuddled up watching a movie, crazy nights out with my friends, sitting up all night chatting about nothing and everything, kindness, sun and the show mad men.

    I hate people who walk slowly in front of me, jazz, blood, cold winters, people who blow their noses at restaurants and spiders.

  71. Ok this is going to sound mental but I love nothing more than the smell of the inside of a brand new thick travel brochure or catalogue haha! I absolutely hate moths, crumbs in the bed and the sound of people biting or flicking their nails with their teeth *cringe* xx

  72. i love how i know soo many tv advert jingles and hate insects, animals and sometimes humans too LOL i know not a lot but oh well x

  73. Proper lame, hope you get your phone back!

    Love: finding money inbetween reciepts, dreaming of my perfect house, getting email or texts from old friends and the smell of rain.

    Hate: People who walk to slow, people who wear sunglasses inside or when its not sunny, papercuts and needing the loo when its 3am and your so warm in your nice bed.

  74. I like: animals in clothes, playing lego harry potter, hilarious clothing, neat handwriting, bowler hats, feeling like ugly Betty with braces, pick 'n' mix and vintage finds.

    I hate: cling film, milk, sloths and spoons.

  75. What an interesting project!

    LOVE: How comfortable your bed is right before the alarm rings in the morning.

    HATE: When the alarm goes off!

    LOVE: Thunderstorms and pouring rain when you're indoors with a hot cup of tea.

    HATE: When people microwave on time ending in an even number; hiccups; sneezing multiple times in a row.

  76. maybe do a take on the love heart sweets?

  77. Oh how annoying about XFactor. I just love Cher!

    I love when I wake up and it's going to rain so there's no sun.

    I hate when people lick their fingers after they eat! Gross.

  78. Loves: Knitting ridiculously long scarves, completing a book in one day, listening to the birds chirp in the morning, making meals with friends,

    Hates: Losing my train of thought, blue days, feeling like I don't have enough time in the day to complete everything I want to

    Good luck with the project!

  79. LOVE lemon sorbet.
    HATE empty tubs of lemon sorbet.

    true. i think i have a slight obsession :/

    ps. for a fellow fan of WWE - HATE: the fact that John Cena has to join the Nexus!

  80. LOVE lemon sorbet.
    HATE empty tubs of lemon sorbet.

    true. i think i have a slight obsession :/

    ps. for a fellow fan of WWE - HATE: the fact that John Cena has to join the Nexus!

  81. Oh, I hope you get your phone back!!

    Love: my family and friends of course, rfeceiving a message or phone call from a friend that I haven't seen in a while, being able to take the bike to go anywhere I want, nailpolish!, reading blogposts, travelling, Starbucks and their Green Tea Frappucino, having Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner with friends, being vegetarian, shopping (which girl doesn't?), Owls, listening to music and singing out loud, playing the piano, parties and sleepovers afterwards, talking with my best friends about embarassing stuff that I wouldn't talk about with just anybody, looking at old pictures, sunshine, baking chocolate cake and especially: Vancouver (Canada), the wonderful time that I've had there, the amazing people that I met there and the great experiences that I've made

    Hate: whenever there's a person or somebody on a bike or anything in front of me that walks/drives way too slow but I cant pass them and have to stay behing them, waking up too late and having the feeling that I've wasted half of my day, when "little" kids (like age 12 or so) try acting all grown up and therefore miss out on one of the most wonderful part of their lives: their childhood (just to be able to say you had your first buzz at age 13? come on!)

    Guess that's it. Wow that's a lot! :O

  82. i love mustaches & walking on cobbles in heels
    i can't stand slow walkers and tiny little 'handbag-dogs'

    good luck lily x

  83. I love : freckles, birth marks,tucking my socks in to my jammy bottoms, marmalade, banana flavoured anything,good manners,paradoxes,drag queens,kittens,conjoined twins and peeling my nails.

    I hate: polystyrene cups, the feeling of biting down on cotton, sloths and puddles

  84. Hm...I can't really think of a long list at the moment, but here's a couple!:

    LOVE: the smell of £20 notes, my Starbucks fix, Southern Comfort and lime, laughing til I cry, puppies!

    HATE: toilet seat covers (you know, like the fluffy material ones?), the smell of solvents, breaking in new shoes, ogling old men, other people sweating on me in a club (gross), people touching the top bit of cartilage in their ear,

    Ok, apparently I did have a list. Hope that helps! xxx

  85. Love: Nissan Micras, Cats, red squirrels, reading Heat magazine, pick and mix sweets, romantic comedies (particularly ones about weddings!), 80's music, making jewellery and 1940's clothing.

    Hate: Vomit, having to wash my hair every day, buying dresses that are more like long tops because I'm too tall and getting behind on my tv programmes!

  86. Love when people hold the door open for you, hate the creaky feeling cotton wool creates when you squeeze it x

  87. I love: daydreaming that one day I will be whisked off to the world of Harry Potter, the sound of closing the lid on a MAC paintpot jar, the way a wheat field glows when the sun is setting, curling up with my favorite book and a cup of coffee, laughing at innapropriate times

    I hate: when people eat noisily, people who walk slowly in school halls or malls

  88. LOVE: sugar cookies, chewing ice, November, Christmas morning, other peoples birthdays
    HATE: blue peanut m&m's. the others are fine, but i don't eat the blue ones. :P

  89. LOVE: smell at petrol stations; big halls, like a huge hardware store or an empty school gym

    HATE: first step on the escalator, I'm afraid that I might place my foot wrong and fall over because of the moving steps

  90. Love the warm feeling of the sun shining on my skin.

    Love the sound of popcorn popping.

    Love singing my heart out to song's on the radio with friends whilst driving somewhere.

    Love the smell of the roads when the sun's been shining and there's been a sprinkle of rain.

    Love looking forward to food when I'm absolutely starving.

    Hate people knocking the back of your chair especially at the cinema.

    Hate people yawning loudly.

    Hate it when big beasty moths that could be mistaken for bats fly into your room and cause havoc.


  91. i love it when the mist/fog rolls in on the fields and the sun light hits it just right.
    i hate it when the car gets too stuffy when its raining outside!
    good luck with the project! :)

  92. i love cream on crunchy nut cornflakes.
    when you remember a dream that you couldnt remember for ages.
    i love it when its pouring with rain but ur indoors all cosey.
    i love running in the rain all crazy with no umbrella, and then getting into a hot bath

    i hate toddlers that walk on their tip toes,
    sand paper, the feel of holding paper when your hands arent moisturised. I hate it when you think your going to sneeze and then it never comes.


  93. I love sundays on three-day weekends. I hate the sound of someone cutting their nails around me...grosses me out!

  94. I love to poke bags of rice in the grocery store (don't think I'm too weird please! lol)

    I also love ducks!!

    I hate when people drink out of the same side of the glass as me

  95. i hate when girls at school carry a giant tote bag AND wear a backpack...why not put all your stuff in one bag??

    i hate it when my hair doesn't cooperate with me in the morning and i don't realize it until i'm in the school parking lot.

    i love the new car smell.

    i love it when i find money in my pockets that i didn't know was there.

    i love the quiet of the middle of the night, but i hate being lonely.

    i hate hearing people take a piss. it's the grossest sound in the world.

    i hate adult feet, but i love baby feet! i could just eat those toes!

  96. LOVES: a good burp, steaming hot showers that leaves my skin red,
    tooting in front of your significant other and laughing hysterically about it, bathroom humor, the word FUPA

    HATES: when people don't understand personal space.
    stinky people, when girls don't wipe the toilet seat after they pop a squat, arm pits especially if they have ants (stubble), when jacob scrapes his teeth on his fork when he takes a bite, bad drivers that make me car sick, if i feel like i'm getting muffin top

    hope some of these can help

  97. another hate:
    going to a restaurant with a friend who is a BAD tipper.
    always tip 20 % in the U.S.

    is it like that where you live?

  98. This comment has been removed by the author.

  99. I hate traffic, sleeping without pillows, long nails, hard nipples, girls with big feet, plastic surgery...

    I love sunday markets, the grocery store, cupcakes, having my door open when I'm in the restroom, candles, mochi ice cream, cold bedsheets, long eye lashes...

    Can't wait to see who wins! I hope I do. If I don't please let me know where I can get a bag like that... I am dying for one! Much love. X

  100. "Hate"
    sneezing while driving
    getting up to change the channel
    bits in my orange juice
    bandaids in swimming pools
    international shipping prices

    peter pan collars
    the smell of new books
    snail mail

    best of luck =)

  101. I hate it when fussy eaters go on Come Dine With Me.

    Hahha, not great, but hope it helped!

  102. I hate it when people breathe heavily, can you not survive quietly please?


    I love LIFE....CHEEEEESE :)

  103. I love it when I'm right.

    I love being a teen mother.

    I hate it when i leave my sunglasses on my head and forget where they are.

    I hate it when I trip over invisible objects.

    Good Luck!

  104. Hate: When people eat. I can't stand hearing people eat..., people who scratch their hair all the time..., small talk 'cause i'm not good at it, when people tell me what i have to do because then i'll never do it

    Love: Babys, they make me smile in every situation, when my sister is happy, a white empty paper(because i can imagine, what beautiful things i could draw on it), portrait photos, the feeling after a watching a good movie

    Hope i could help you ;)

  105. Love: Early mornings when the sun is just coming up, the sound of the sea, cappucinos with LOTS of the chocolate sprinkles on top.
    Hate: queuing, rudeness, lateness and the feel of wooden lolly sticks - they make me shudder just thinking of them!

  106. I HATE:
    -hearing people eat
    -the noise filing your nails makes
    -scraping uneaten food off my plate

    I LOVE:
    -smelling books/magazines or any kind of literature!
    -when sun shines through trees
    -dancing round the kitchen with fiance whilst we cook dinner together
    -seeing an old couple together
    -babies & children & their laughter

  107. LOVE :
    tidy up my pencil case and sort my staves.

    HATE: if people stop songs in the middle or if they think the song is nearly finished ( i always here songs from beginning to end )

  108. Weird things I love: Martin Scorsese's eyebrows (they seem to have their own emotions), karmann ghia's, olbas oil, the smell of petrol, Primark shopping and cupcakes.

    Weird hates: rubber bands, falling asleep on the bus, cooking eggs, reading maps, people who scuff their feet along the road when they're walking, any other coloured alloy wheels than silver.

  109. I love eating more when I'm hiding it from the teacher in class. I love smelling my toes fresh from sock but idk why. I love it when I talk really fast and no one understands. I love it when I'm looking at the girl my crush is with & then she slips. I love that awkward silence when a teacher tries to be funny and no one realizes it.

    I hate it when my butt eats my underwear and I have to pull it out. I hate waking up to a dinosaur figurine bcos it scares me and awakes me like yeah. I hate Miley Cyrus' lips for when she goes Jolie.

  110. Come and read everything about mens fashion!

  111. hello dear, just stambbled
    across your blog and must admit, i love it :D, you look very cute and very, very stylish:D
    ok, so can i help with your "problem"?
    well, i LOVE to dress my long-sleeves shirt for the first time after summer, when, i LOVE watching my daughter while she sleeps, but i HATE when she wokes up just before i started to drink my first morning coffee :D
    i HATE when i miss my tram/bus. You know that moment when u dont want to hurry a bit and continue to walk along, thinking, ill make it on time and then, you are there, in front of the door which closes right in front of you and are left outside. nothing to do,other than wait for another to come :D
    and then, i hate the most when i sopt a perfect something on a sale, but cant find my number...argh :D

  112. LOVE- hot cups of coffee, beards, rain, marmite, alex, smell of vintage, skinny belts, dancing, huge jumpers and your blog :P

    HATE- generic people, sound of people eating, pink, chav music, people touching my hair, jusitn bieber and summer.

    good luck! :D

  113. Love
    Dresses that are so gaudy and ugly they are pretty
    Waking up and thinking its time to get up, only to realise its 6am and you have hours more snoozing left
    Unexpected text messages from friends or fitties
    My bald cat
    Getting a seat on the tube
    The smell of wax crayons
    Mitten weather
    Dancing on my bed to Coconut Records
    Frangelico (American spirit that tastes like chocolate cake!)

    Listing thing on ebayzzz
    When you run a bath and it seems warm on top, then you sink your hand in and its freezing cold underneath
    Fake smiles
    Excel Spreadsheet Formula
    Feeling sleepy at 4pm in the afternoon
    How many calories are in Starbucks!
    Spotify Ads

    Bee x

  114. i love your blog ;) aha i hate stray hairs on people's clothes, hate it! and people not washing their hands, ew

    id love to see your finished project :D

  115. love: baking brownies; telling 'in' jokes with friends. walking on crisp leaves in autumn

    hate: people who walk really slowly in front of you; not being able to sleep at night; irritating year sevens who think they are the coolest.

  116. love: when something comes up at the cashier and its cheaper than it says on the tag

    hate: when people suck on their sleeve yeeeuuuccchh

  117. I love: The Janitor from Scrubs, warm doughnuts, sparklers on Bonfire Night

    Hates: Queuing for a rollercoaster and you're not tall enough, not getting a cup of tea "just right", that one guy singing "the ace of spades" when you play cards.


  118. I love...

    Fig rolls, the Eiffel tower, drunk texts, the nightclub cheese room, free hugs at festivals, the excitement when gig tickets arrive in the post, nicely cluttered cork boards, cheap Primark jewellery, being organised, DVD boxsets, planning for travelling, the sound of rain when you are warm and cosy in your room, messages left by my boyfriend on my post-it pillow (pillow you can write on then wash off with water!), good chinese takeaways, gin and tonic, sunsets.

    I hate...

    Arrogance, incorrect grammar and spelling, not winning the Euromillions, mushrooms, laddering tights, The Daily Mail, bad chinese takeaways, missing the bus, dry contact lenses, the last facial wipe

    hope this helps! :) xxx

  119. Here's some!

    Love: my family & bf, nose kisses, long eyelashes, reality tv, keroppi, peppermint tea, watching wrestling with my boyfriend, new york, reading, sleeping in, cuddling, headbands, x marks the spot, musical theatre, little trinket boxes, moonjumps, video games, etc.

    Hate: when my top eyelashes stick to the bottom ones, that I can't whistle, not saying goodnight to the people i love, people that judge others because of their weight (and in general of course), mosquito bites, the mix up between your & you're, fake-ness, migraines, cockroaches(eek!), etc.

  120. LOVE: the moment my hand clutches the shopping bag after i buy an item for myself only

    HATE: when girls wear sandals with their nail polish chipped off

  121. i love . . .
    food (especially fresh baking), fashion magazines, finding great things at op shops, perfectly painted nails, art (things that aren't ment to be art but in my eyes are), fresh smells, jewelery, little things like noticing people wearing odd socks and clashing colours and bathroom grafti.

    i hate . . .
    hearing people chew, animal cruelty, pen/stamps that won't wash off, visable brusies, messy make up, the squashed grapes at the bottom of a bag, the feeling of judgement, rules, restrictions, formal situations, my body, temptation, bad coffee, losing things, confusion, road rage, static radio

  122. i LOVE it when i have post-its all over my bedroom wall (freak ;p)
    i HATE when they're not sticky and fall on the floor :(

  123. Such a cool idea for a project!

    =>I love how i can still relate to my childhood best friend after some years with no contact & it feels like i no time has passed.
    => I love sleeping in the car, obviously with someone else driving 'cause anything else would be suicide xD
    => I love peanutbutter cookies but hate the pieces of peanut in them

    => I hate people telling me I listen to wrong music because they themselves don't like it
    => I hate being a procrastinator
    => I hate it when people I don't know creep up & stand way too close, & when they're then breathing loudly

    might have gone a bit overboard with this, haha, hope it helps! Good Luck with the project!xx

  124. Gorgeous! I always love your style!


    Amanda Brohman,

  125. I love when I order/someone makes me a sandwich or toast & it's cut diagonally rather than straight down the middle.

    I hate when I cut my nails too short & the feel of rubbing a cotton ball on said too short nails.

  126. i hate it when my toast isnt cut into trianlges. MUM WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH THOSE RECTANGLES

  127. Pet hate: People who update there Facebook statuses with song lyrics - all the time!!



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