001. Soz Macbook photograph, But I currently sitting in my PJ's and a big hoody! I really could be bothered to set my Tripod up and do it properly! Spent the day cleaning my bedroom (I've uploaded some new stuff to the blogshop!) and sorting out my university stuff. Spent ages saving images on my laptop to print out tomorrow for my inspiration board. My first project is based on Love and Hate, I'm pretty excited to start it to be honest, I've got loads of ideas for a change!

002. Im so sick of my hair at the moment, I've had a bad hair week and I'm in the mood to just chop it all off and get an Alexa-ish bob! Its too long, too flat and too blah. I'm tempted to get some new extensions for some volume rather than backcombing it like I normally do. Who knows, Next week Im going to spend some money and buy some decent haircare too. I know I always say that, But I WILL!

003. Zoe posted this great guide to shopping in Primark, As a self confessed Primark addict, Personally I don't see why people find it so hard to shop there. I guess I'm lucky because I have a decent one near me! My local one (Hereford) is really rubbish, its only good for tights and the occasional pair of flats, But the one I find most things in is in Telford, Its really well stocked and laid out. Me and my Mum always tend to go early on a Sunday and we always spend about a hour having a good rummage. I think alot of people just look at the tat in Primark and don't really have a good rummage, which is the key to finding good stuff in Primark!

004. Ok this is slightly off topic but not, But has everyone seen the new GAP logo, Seriously I nearly died when I saw it, I thought it was a joke. I've never ever seen a logo redesign look so rubbish! There was really nothing wrong with their old one! I think when redesigning a classic logo, you really need to stay true to the old one, without going to far away from what the original was like!

005. Five to Follow: Kavita, Alexandra, Blair, Lauren, Kani