001. I'm feeling SO much better today, I can talk without being in too much pain, My voice is slowly returning, still quite deep and hoarse, but the lady I spoke to from the SLC could understand me! It was surprisingly pain free when trying to apply for my Student Loan too which shocked me to no end! For the past two years I've had so much trouble with them! Lets hope nothing goes wrong though! *crosses fingers*

002. I get paid on Friday and I already have a paycheck wishlist going, I want quite a few bits from Topshop, a coat from New Look,  a ASOS fedora style hat and a pair of shorts from River Island. I need to also keep in mind its only three more paychecks till Christmas! I've got loads planned for Christmas (IRL and for the blog!) and I really need to start shopping and organizing things. I'm terrible at Christmas shopping as it stresses me out beyond belief!

003. My eyelashes have taken a complete battering from my overuse of false lashes, They are crazily short, super dry and very stubby at the moment and its really annoying. I'm going to start one of the many lash growth products on the market, taking some pointers from the queen of lash growth, Laura. I'm either going to  splash out and buy a high end one, or maybe try one of the cheaper ones that are creeping into the "drugstores" like Loreal Renewal Lash Serum or Rapidlash, Im gonna have to do some research. All I know is I want my lashes back! Its such a shame because I love wearing my lashes!

004. I put some more stuff on my blogshop, I deleted all the old things because apparently its confusing because people cant read it says sold, I've put up two jackets, one that is a cordoroy shearling jacket and the other a oversized camel blazer. I seriously have tons more to go up next week I just need time to photograph it!

005.  Five to Follow: Victoria, Zoe, Charlotte, Pheobe, Amanda